Fred Perry Traded

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on second thought...winnipeg you can keep cananda to :smiley::smiley:

oh baby i like this

Along with this trade, I can see that maybe Matt D and maybe Reggie Hunt will be gone via free agency. It could allow the Riders to sign Tom Canada.

...gonna miss ya big time, Fred...welcome aboard, Jyles...

jyles has a great future.....cannon of an arm, thick..kinda dissapointed he'll be gone but meh fred perry baby!!

man should have gave us the same deal for Timmy Chang and our second round draft pick!

...negative on that one, ticats...

Trading Fred isn't a particularly surprising event.
At his age, and his salary, it was always a possibility.

I don't think I am particularly happy with what we got in return however, which seems to be very little.
Jyles might be a good QB. Or he might not.
I don't immediately see him as an upgrade over what we have, and with 7 or 8 QBs on our neg list, why do we need this guy.
So essentially we traded an all-star DE, for the opportunity to move up 6 places in the draft?
Better make that a good pick, ET, and hope the kid Edmonton takes blows, or I'll long question this trade.....

No, we picked up enough from the Ti-cat carcass last year–Flick, Kornegay, Smith, Holmes and Gordon, no need to fleece you anymore!

yeah but you left all the stuff no one wants, the appendix, and that's timmy chang

haha ticats its nice to see you still have a sense of humour

Interesting deal I never saw coming.

Will definitely miss Fred Perry who has been a top 5 defensive player over the last couple of years.

I don't mind it though, getting a young qb with a good arm and opening up cap space, even though it benefits the Esks over the short-term.

See and there we disagree.
I think we should have fleeced them one more time.
If this trade had been for Richie Williams, I'd be much happier....

I dont think the Cats would part with Williams. I believe the space is being made available for a FA signing--possibly Tom Canada. I believe that two of three big names(and salaries) are gone. Those being Matt D and Reggie Hunt and maybe even Eddie Davis. Either that or KJ is not coming back, so they picked up Jyles. Any way you slice it, it was a cap move by the Riders, and more could be coming in short order.

i could see eddie davis in hamilton next year. and maybe dominguez, who knows, maybe the tides will turn and we will start picking from the rider carcass!

4 years of losing really makes it easier to joke about yourself. maybe after a few good years i will get my pride back.

hey i remember in the late 90's early 2000's i never wanted to play the cats, mcmanus and flutie raped us over and over again

and you always beat us when we go to hamilton

that's true, the good days are coming back. i still have some of my pride, just not all of it. it'll be back soon.

and ronald williams..hes still my favorite player ever

hey ticats you think you can give us armour? :slight_smile::slight_smile:

go for it, Mariuz is his replacement, he looks like he will be a free agent.