Fred Perry released....sign OL Kelly Butler

as per tsn........Bombers signed former nfl O Lineman Butler 6' 8'...320.....played right tackle for Detroit Lions...also played for the Cleveland Browns ...As well.. the Bombers announced the release of Fred Perry....I guess ol father time and the young ones have caught up with Fred...Good luck in future endeavors Mr. Perry :thup:

Not surprised about Fred Perry. I wish him well too. He played well before he was injured last season.

I read at another message board that we had tried to sign Butler last season but there were passport issues. Glad that worked out. He's sounds good and it will be interesting to see how Glenn January responds (maybe Paul LaPolice really does hate him LOL - for those who didn't hear it on Spin Zone, January told a story that he introduced himself to Doug Brown at TC last season saying they had something in common - Paul LaPolice hated them both).

too bad on Perry....he definately was one of the good ones! Best wishes to him in the future.

....we tried to sign Butler last year but couldn't because of some passport issues is correct ...(he's a good one)....He was the esks. property and was part of the 09 deal for Malbrough...January may end up the loser on this one???? :roll:

I guess papazoola will be playing D-Line for the Bombers this year. They are getting quite thin there with the departures of Walls and now Perry.

Kelly must have signed Perry to a "Lenny Walls" contract.

Freddy had a couple tough years with horrific injuries, sad to see him have to go out like that.

This Butler kid is a mountain, 6'8" 350 lb on the Bomber roster.

butler is a mountain.. geesh.. end of january or maybe even morley? depending on how many canadians we start, i wonder if theres thoughts of possibly going with 2 american olinemen.

7 guys minimum?

3 receivers +doug brown +logan+3 oline = 8... 2 receivers = 7...

hard to say here what the bombers are gonna do here but should be an interesting training camp and season.

as for perry, honestly played about 8 games for the bombers i guess and then got hurt... honestly imo, fred perry is not a big loss at all.

i think our dline is fine actually with the young kids in willis and hunt and possibly ortiz. gotta think a few more guys will be brought in b4 camp begins. actually id suspect about 20 more or so b4 camp begins.

on a side note with the oline, holy jesus these guys we have are massive... TALL and all over like 300 except for khan really and he's gotta be close.

As embarressing as it is i have been a Detroit Lion fan for years and even went to a few games (one last season :roll: ) with my nephew from T.O, offensive line is usually not a position where you get noticed much, but Butler was im :roll: ossible not to watch, the guy has unbelievable ability and is a monster in size, i recall him taking on 2 defensive player's at a time at least 3 times in that game, A++++ signing for Mack and company :rockin:

ON IN TWO we knew Perry wouldn't be around in 2010, stating our DLINE is thin is fair but we still have some great player's who will step up in 2010 and WILL BE one of the best lines in the CFL and probably the most feared with there size and speed (hope Glenn and Porter have a decent OLINE this year, if not they will be eating alot of turf courtesy of our Bombers ------------

Odell Willis - still young at 25 YRS OLD and will build on his 26 tackles and 10 sacks in 09

Phillip Hunt - Another young guy at 24 YRS old, played only 7 games and had 11 tackles and 3 sacks

Doug Brown - our leader and arguably the best DL player ever - still had 50 tackles and 6 sacks (and that's being double covered every game)

Dorian Smith - still only 24 yrs old - had 47 tackles and 8 sacks as a rookie.

Don Oramasionwu - 23 years old had a good rookie season for a local Winnipeg boy and will only get better - had 14 tackles and 3 sacks last year

Justin Shaw and a couple of more signings will make our line even better when it comes to depth, but we WILL have one of the TOP DLINE'S in the CFL, young and they will only get better, FEAR THIS GROUP, TRUST ME!!

i like where our dline is, i think our lbs need help and i think if hef comes back we have one of the best secondarys in the league even without lenny walls. i agree. our d will be feared.

I found an article in the FP from 2009 TC that said he wasn't there because of family problems. I'm wondering whether the passport issues were with respect to a different player.

Just up in the Sun, Butler wasn't ready to come last year as he still had NFL aspirations.

[url=] ... 97306.html[/url]
Former Bomber coach Mike Kelly and ex-personnel man John Murphy tried to get Butler to come to Winnipeg last season, but he said “the timing wasn’t right.? He had a failed tryout with the Arizona Cardinals in 2008 and was trying to establish his post-NFL life, which included working at a mental health facility and with troubled youth in Oklahoma City.

yup makes sense. how old is this guy?

28 i believe. so def some years left in the tank

if hefney comes back or we can find another stud like him in tc this defense should be close to the high level of last year if not better as our young dlineman will have more experience and be more of a presence!! lb will be a concern but with many bodies to still be added before tc im not to concerned yet

i do like the new look oline tho... some real monsters out there!

......When you add Hashem to the o line mix..(also a monster),,,, i were a qb. for the Bombers ...i'd feel comfotable with those hogs up-front :wink: ..LaBatte is only going to get better...add the fact Khan is getting stronger everytime out.....we're slowly getting where we want to be guys :thup:

But how well can he move?

It's great to be big and strong but in the CFL if a tackle can't get outside against the smaller quicker defensive ends then he doesnt stand a chance.

From the Sun article I posted,

Not only that, but the book on the former Detroit Lion and Cleveland Brown is that he has excellent footwork for his size, thanks to his many years as a basketball player during his youth.
Next question, zing.........

Well there ya go. Sounds pretty good.

This would be my question as well. I'm intrigued by what LaPolice is trying to do with the O-line, but I worry that any kind of speed rush is going to give these big men fits in pass-blocking. On the other hand, given the right scheming, they could be flat-out devastating opening up holes for the RB in the running game.

why do people have to over analyze all these moves the bombers are making? people complain when they arent doing anything and then they sign people and ppl complain about that or point out faults.. its not like the defensive ends in the nfl are that much bigger than the guys in the cfl, guess my examples would be guys like chick and baggs signing with the nfl, this mentality that people have about the nfl guys being so much bigger than the cfl guys is just bullcrap really. i dunno whats up with bomber "fans" but it seems, everyone always likes to point out the negatives instead of the positives and i just dont understand that at all.

cant just be like.. guess we'll see what he can do instead of being so well jesus i bet if he's that big he's so slow and sucks.. like why cant u just be happy or something? Like what makes u the expert?

i guess thats what peaces me off the most, some of you, not only on here but moreso on the other bomber sites just consistently think you know more than the guys who are doing the signings? why is this?

can someone plz explain to me, why u think u know more than joe mack and paul lapolice?

A quote from another article in the Sun:

Not only that, but the book on the former Detroit Lion and Cleveland Brown is that he has excellent footwork for his size, thanks to his many years as a basketball player during his youth.