Fred Perry Out For Season - Time For Riall

Fred Perry is OUT FOR THE SEASON - too bad he was having a great year and we may be missing him dearly UNLESS Riall Johnson can step in and fill Perry's shoes. We know Riall has speed and has a great ability to get pressure on the QB, let's hope he takes his chance to play and relishes it!!

A shame about Perry…he was just hittin’ his stride too…

Not sure if it’ll be exclusively Riall, there’s talk of Dorian Smith playing End as well…

i have seen Dorian play and i don't discount his ability, he seems like a very smart/fast player and would step in just fine as well!!

I think originally was an end, and with the way Donny O has been playing, we should be just fine.

donnie o and riall will prob rotate.. should be fine

There's also been a suggestion that the Bombers might go to a 3/4 more often. . . wouldn't be a bad idea from where I'm sitting. . . Smith/Brown/Walls on the line, and then you could have Shabazz and Charlton as outside LBS, with Simpson and Lobendahn in the middle (personally I think Lobendahn is more effective in the middle than on the outside. . . but what the heck, they pay Nelson to make those kind of decisions, not me. . . )