Fred Perry.....extended

...Seems Kelly wants Perry to hang around for a Cup run.......keep em coming Mike....this team is beginning to take on some soilid, sound foundation looks...... :thup: :smiley:

A few folks over at don't like the move, think he's too old and washed up. I don't buy it, he had most of last year off and looked pretty solid in the playoffs. I think with the right rotation, he could stay at the top of his game for a couple more years.

I'm surprised by all these people who say he's washed up. On the rider forum they're saying he has a 50/50 chance of even making the team, even though he was just extended. Fred has been an amazing player for years now, and last years injury had nothing to do with age or declining skill. His injury was almost a freak accident, being rolled on by his own team mate. Then when he came back, I thought he played damn good coming off the injury he had. You guys got a good one in Fred. Let's hope he can keep healthy and play top notch like we all know he can. He's my fav player and always will be, even if he is a bomber. Good luck this season boys and see ya on labour day!!!!!

Ican see Fred Perry leading the league in sacks this year, He will benifit greatly playing with Brown Walls Johnson Williams/McConnel. Plus hes just that good anyway, makes for a nice combo. Not only does he rack up the sacks, but gets a lot of tackles as well. Pretty excited to see him in the blue and gold.

Hey! with all those extentions we sure will be able to fly through Free Agency next year. Perry should be good for the term of the extention if he stays healthy.

Fred Perry has been a great player but the last couple years not so geat,thinking he could be coming to the end of his career.