Fred Dunbar next Winnipeg Head Coach?

Reliable sources has Fred Dunbar on the short list for Bomber HC

There won't be a list of potential HCs until after the new President and VP of Football Operations are hired. Second are these the same reliable sources who told you Tom Clements was coming to Winnipeg to be named GM or coach a couple of weeks ago before saying he was just coming for a wedding?

And who is Fred Dunbar?

You realize Fred is the head trainer for the Argos ? The man doesn't even coach.

Priceless ! Its cool Paul I understood the joke and the reference to Hodgkinson's promotion :thup:

Ha ha ha, very funny.

Its just interim...This will allow the board to pay these two guys for their work while they go through the hiring process. Shows class IMO.

But you got to admit going from rounding up towels to VP in a year is pretty wild.

First off, Ross Hodgkinson was an athletic therapist, not an equipment guy. Second, he was promoted to the position of Director of Football Operations in March, 2006 so he's actually been in management for 3 years.

......AND....Bobby Ackles was the waterboy for the B.C. Lions at one time.....but i think it's pretty safe to say Dunbar will remain FRED OF THE ARGOS for some time to come :wink: ....LOL LOL :lol:...Tom Clements name does however keep popping-up....I think the Bombers would have to come-up with some heavy coin and a couple of postions to pique Tommys interest....but ya never know?????? :wink:

Can you imagine the first time the Bombers play the Stamps and it's Tommy Vs Huffer???

Tommy would certainly pique the fans interest, but I dunno...I just don't see him coming here...

Im hearing that Tommy is in town for a wedding....Im just sayin :lol:

Yes HfxTC my tongue was firmly in cheek when I mentioned Freddy :lol:

Hodgkinson may bring in all his trainer friends, why not give them a chance, they probably know you always gamble on 3rd and 1, I would not mind seeing the trainers have more input in to the game plans