He was acquired with quite some fanfare, as the next great CFL QB.

Suddenly thrust into a starting role with Ricky Ray's injury.

And the results so far have been, to me, less than impressive.

To this point I don't see what the hype was about.

If I'm Popp, if Franklin struggles again this evening, I sit him down and insert Bethel-Thompson.

Ray was struggling prior to his injury too.

Franklin is getting little help.

Trestman needs to start dialing up some plays that help alleviate the pressure. Too many straight drop backs where the Argo o-line is just getting beat down after down.

Agreed. Trestman needs to be more creativity to the playbook. The offense looks very basic.

A little better today, but just can't get the breaks to go their way.

They're having major issues providing Franklin with much time.

Why didn't the Argos go after Manzeil? The Cats would have taken Franklin and
Wilder and Lemon for him.

Manziel is a one year answer at best.

Franklin has played the game and I think he could be the long term guy.

I don't think Franklin is the only problem here. He needs some more help and they need to keep Wilder involved with the offense.

Let's not forget that Mike Reilly was 4 and 14 in his first year starting for the Esks. The 2nd half of the season will be better. Just gotta live through the growing pains. They need thier running game. When JWJ goes, so goes the team.

I agree with you, but looks like the Franklin era has already come to an end.

I just don't get it.