I was on Esk's forums to see if any posts on the Chick trade, but found a post about Franklin, not wanting to resign with Edmonton, rumors had us giving up St Pierre and 1st round is what edm was asking from us, Murphy said no such deal was looked at.. this could get interesting, esk's are trying to move him!

Not to Regina - Riders have their guy in Vernon Adams Jr

I don't believe for a second that the Riders "have their guy" in Adams Jr, nor do I believe that they (the Riders) fully believe that either. If the price was right (contract included) I think they'd jump at Franklin, and if they didn't I'd be scratching my head. I believe/hope the Adams move is/was a precautionary move to cover the bases, in the event the Franklin to Riders scenario isn't workable. I'm personally not sold on Adams, but I do see "potential" (as others have previously said). Regardless, between Adams or Franklin, I'd much rather "hook my wagon" to Franklin if that became an option.

Don’t bank on them riding the Adams train alone. If they have a fair shot at Franklin they are in.

Don't know what it is the offseason it was Roosevelt, 2 1sts or 1st + JSJ plus something else (I don't recall what). It wasn't so much that they were looking to move him then as it was that they were asked...they said sure and asked for the farm...which was the right thing to do....ask for the farm and if you get it...great. Franklin brings trade value even in the offseason before his contract is up...much lower...but that insurance is worth it when you are having a good season IMO.
Franklin wants a crack at competing to start...he won't get that behind Mike Reilly any time soon.
The idea was floated that if Franklin gets a chance to start a few and excels that maybe they move Reilly...but with a new GM and one that was just axed because of public relations...not going to happen.

It wasn't so much that they jumped at him...they tried trading for him at least 2 times in the past (I think it was more, but I know 2 for sure). I can see Adams being potential trade bait on Franklin...Esks get a backup that has contract left. It was a no lose though for sure...they got a good prospect if nothing else.
I said this in another thread:
Was pretty interesting is when Adams EW coach chimed in on him. I haven't thought the world of Adams (I think there is a pile of potential but I am not a massive fan of his mechanics...I mean whatever mechanics work for you go nuts...but his seem awkward to me) but his college coach says he is the best pedigree for the CFL he has coached in his opinion.

Rofl as if that would stop Jones from still trying to get Franklin? You have to remember Jones has Franklin's mug pasted above his bed so he is the last thing he sees before going to sleep (well maybe not but it is possible) I highly doubt obtaining Adams mean squat as far as his interest in Franklin goes and I would bet that if Jones could acquire James Franklin without having to give up anything short of his seat at Vic's then he will do it.
Sure he has tried to trade for him a couple of times and felt the price was too steep but I wouldn't be surprised if his wiliness to give more now would be possible. I think Adams is a "what if" scenario more then anything. What if the Argos or Ray decide this is the final year and make an offer the Eskimos can't refuse, What if Hamilton turfs Zach and are willing to sell their soul for him. What if Nichols can't get the Bombers to the promise land, what if Ottawa decide Harris is not the right guy. Plenty of what if's out there and so grabbing Adams in that case is not a bad move , but don't kid yourself, Jones has no intention of just giving up on trying to get Franklin here. I think it more depends if Franklin gets to FA or the Eskimos make a deal before the deadline and get something for him, plus sticking it to the Riders as a bonus.

Well I'm rolling around smiling at my own post too you know. Good post though JimmyG.
I just can not see my self getting in on a ticket for the Franklin sweepstakes - see what Popp does is an intrigued thought.

I think the wild card in the Franklin sweepstakes is the entire east division.

Durant is starting to go sour on the Als - Ray is 38, Zack Collaros is starting to come down with DWD (Drew Willy Disease) and the jury is still out on Trevor Harris as a long-term option in Ottawa.

So long as Mitchell is healthy the Stamps won't want a highly paid backup, the riders will never be able to offer Edmonton enough money for a short term option on Franklin and Winnipeg will always stubborn things out behind anyone who can win more games than they lose?

So who's the wild card?

My guess! BC!

Wally is starting to wind things down again - can only see him staying on in a GM/advisory capacity - perhaps roping Travis Lulay as his OC or head coach.

If Lulay goes to coaching then Jennings is their primary QB. He's beginning to show signs that despite his amazing physical gifts (super strong arm, well above average runner) he may not have the requisite CFL brain.

So perhaps Edmonton trades the option of Franklin to BC (kinda like what happened with the old Reilly to Edmonton deal) for a pack of Halloween treats (draft picks, neg list boys, etc.)

Can't see it being BC...Jennings is at 300+60 next season. Franklin wants a fair crack at starting so as long as he Jennings is getting that it seems unlikely. I can't see Wally paying them both 300k and I can't see Franklin playing behind a young guy again. I could see him doing Toronto if Ray is calling 2018 his last season. I could see Hamilton if they decide they want to dump that 520k salary so they can pay an OL...not sure ET is willing to let a big $ QB go again...that would be ballsy after Ray.

No I can't see it being BC either I mean with Jennings and Lulay they have a pretty good combo going there so I doubt they would be willing to pony up in the Franklin sweepstakes. Hamilton though is another situation with Zach not exactly lighting it up and a big contract to boot I could see them giving him the old heave ho and move on. Franklin would be a big signing and would show that the team is not going to settle for the status quo.
it will be interesting how things shake out in steel town with Austin and ET as obviously things are not going well there so who knows how safe they are? If one or both are turfed then whoever comes in may pull a Jones and clean house so yeah again Franklin would be a good start to rebuilding.
The Argos I think could be a player for sure as I can't see Ray going past this year. Too many injuries and with his age I think Ray will pack it in, so again Franklin would be a very good signing and may get some more bums in the seats but who knows.

is the Chick Trade the first step in Hamilton acquiring either Franklin or Reilly :wink: :o

Could be...but I don't see June Jones wanting to do that just yet. That said...lets see what happens over the next 2 weeks. I think they will switch things up to Masoli and if they do...then all bets are off if the team shows some life.

Remember some key things in this....
Is Franklin going to swing at the NFL? I think he might.
Franklin wants a shot at starting....he is simply not going to be cooperative in extending with someone if that is not on the table...that makes a trade harder
Zach gets paid 520K...nobody can really afford to trade for him and they can not release him at this point as he is vetted for his cash already and I don't think he will be willing to go on the 6. It also makes it very hard to offer Fraklin a "competitive to start" offer
Is Franklin going to compete heads up with ZC? Perhaps. Perhaps he says no and says if you have truly moved on you will release him in the offseason and then we will talk.

Looks like the Schmoes need a kicker ?.

"Hey Brock, we'll trade you a kicker for Franklin...costing you games right now!"


if only it was that easy haha