Franklin starting today... worth watching him, you case :lol:

If he's available we better be at the front of the line :rockin:

yah from what I’d seen he looks good and ready!! But with Toronto and Montreal in need and if you are him, it’s a starting position as per sitting behind DD for a few more years what would you do!!

I agree...but wonder how much their hands are tied. I think Toronto took the shaft on Willy...pun totally intended...and have kind of painted themselves into a corner. Willy is on the books for 400 or whatever next season...Franklin wants a crack at starting with respectable money. He knows he is second fiddle to a 400k QB even if he is better...and the Argos kinda need to give Willy a crack or their are heads on the line because of what they gave up. Montreal is justa steaming hot mess. Is Popp even the GM next week? If he remains the GM then they have Adams and he kinda needs to play that card. I could see him going after Ray and of course DD is their first choice. They want a guy who Adams can play under for a year or 2. Franklin doesn't fit that...and again...after a huge trade going for another young hot prospect puts jobs on the line. I think Bombers would be the biggest competition for him...But Franklin likes Jones and there is a connection there that would make the Riders a front runner. But the key here...and Franklin has talked about this...He wants to start and he wants stability.

If the Argos have new mgmt, they will feel no compulsion to bring Willy back on that contract. Even if Barker returns, he can still cut Willy and blame his acquisition on what his coach wanted. So Toronto could very well be in the running for Franklin, assuming he is actually a free agent.


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Yes I think trading Fulton was the last straw for some, they seem to have lost it since then.

Riders disgraced themselves, their fans, their past players and whatever shredded legacy remains in that godforsaken province!

Way to go Corky! :cowboy:

100 players rostered this season - I bet only 10% are back on opening day roster next season!

You are a complete disgrace to every cfl fan with even a touch of sportsmanship. You started a game day thread attempting to bait rider fans. When no one took the bait you come into the rider area with your garbage.

Your trolling is killing these forums

that is trolling in the forums and you know it. You know full well the foundation here is set to build on and they have the youngest team in the league. The lack a DT (may have that solved) and will be bodies back on the OL but need to resolve LT. QB is obviously the question mark, but 70% of this team will be back. But I guess nobody took your bait in the main forum so you came here to go fishing??

ban this idiot!!

Yes Franklin looked good today and yes he does look to have very good potential however he was playing against a very bad team and behind a very good O line. Something he probably wouldn't have here.

I would like to see him and Darian here next year but that would be a very unrealistic expectation. Franklin does not want to be a back up and Darian certainly isn't going to be one next year either. Darian wants a reasonable base and probably some upfront money Jones wants to pay him a low base and a higher incentive base contract. Darian knows he will get more if he goes to FA and won't be asked to take that kind of contract.

I have a gut feeling that Darian has played his last game in Green & White which really sucks.

The numbers I have heard they are not that far off...and assuming true the team is offering more than DD is asking for...but lower base and some of the incentives being dangled are a bit ridiculous for achievements. I think if they come up on base a little bit (not a bunch) and change up some of the targets the deal gets done...IMO some of the asks for targets are stupid though. Season just ended today.....lots of time.

What concern is it of yours? Your obviously not a fan of the team so take your horses *** talk elsewhere.

You guys had a perfect opportunity to break a league record and were too afraid of Bo Bo getting a boo boo, so the great tater tot to the rescue. Lol he sure throws a nice pick I will give him that. Jam tarts all concerned about little bo peep. 4 weeks until Bo gets to play in a meaningful game now so don't be shocked if he has some rust on him. I expect BC will be your opponent and I would laugh my butt off if the all great and glorious Stamps lay an egg. It sure would look good on them and their fans.

Go back to your own barn and shovel your crap there or anywhere else. It isn't welcomed here though.

He is not a stamps fan

This is my point when I day Jones isn't serious about keeping Darian. Durant proved this year that he is healthy and can get the job done if we had a decent o line to protect him Jones is probably pointing at the wins and Darians numbers and saying why is this worth more money? Jones keeps preaching that wins are all that matter and the team is judged on that. Well then Jones perhaps you should also take a cut based on your results too. How about giving the team back 500k for your performance?

No sadly I think Jones will be Jones and stick to his guns of low balling Darian and then hopes he can get Franklin, he may go after Ray as a backup too because he knows Ray will be cheap. While I like Ray and he was a very good qb he has been on the bench with injuries far too often and just doesn't have it anymore. With our O line mess Ray won't make it through the season and I have strong doubts Franklin will either and then we are back to using what we had last night which really didn't impress me. Gale is not the answer and Kinne may be a fair back up but also can't take heat and make the play. So once again another potential 3-5 win season to look forward in the new barn,that won't fly for long and the shine will soon vanish and so will many fans that are paying more for the privilege to watch the train wreck play out before their eyes.

Jones will be gone one way or the other if this happens by the end of next season and the Riders and their fans will be left with no qb and no HC. Jones won't care though because he will still get paid for another season and move on to his next "project"

Prove me wrong Jones and make Darian a reasonable offer [url][/url] instead of asking him to take something you know won't happen. I will gladly eat my words if it happens.

Well he also isn't a Riders one either. Just saw his Stamps avy something about the Stamps on it so presumes that was his team. Don't matter he can still take a hike.

This does not sound like they are "close" to a deal. [url][/url]

I think the final straw was the last game at Mosaic and the way Darian was yanked in and out of the line up. He did not sound or look happy at half time about it. He went from being the starter for the last game to not even going so that also does not fill me with warm fuzzy feelings either.

I think this could get ugly before the dust settles.

yah Doubles does not look happy in his interview, lets hope it gets done, but then corky is an ego lying son of a b.....
Without Doubles we can kiss next year bye also, don't think the fans will respond well to that. The loss of Chick, Dressler and now Fulton have shown what a loss that was to the team, yes Corky found a few new good receivers, but still... we lose DD and the fans will riot I am sure, the new Mosaic may be half empty. Come on Corky get DD's contract done, bite the bullet.

I strongly doubt if it happens. Jones will play the hard nose line once again of it's my way or the highway with Darian and Jones will get his wish of removing the last icon player from the team so he can make it "his team"

DD: “I feel like I’ve moved so much in the past couple years, took a pay cut this year coming in, willing to take another pay cut..."

"But I guess with them rejecting that I have no choice but to think that it might go in a different direction.? - Durant (2/4)

Jones is playing with fire and if he doesn't at least make a reasonable offer to Durant then I hope he gets what he deserves, which would be fired and sent packing back to coaching high school football if he is lucky to even get that.

After this season and if we are still a tire fire next season then I hope the rest of the CFL teams will be smart enough to stay away from him.

Mosiac could be a half full place next season just sayin. Jones better get it done... yesterday!!