Franklin gets the start

I am glad to see the Eskimos give the kid the start. I think it adds a different look at starter but I also think that Nichols can be more of a threat off the bench. The simple fact however is if the Eskimos turn the ball over 8 times, who the starting quarterback is, is a moot point.

On another note, when Reilly returns, do the Eskimos carry 3 quarterbacks? There will be trade options available and if not for the fact that the Riders seemed poised to blow off the season, there may have been some interest there. Not having anything to play for makes it doubtful that the Riders will give up any talent to attract a quarterbacking prospect just to fill the void till Durant returns.

Let me just be the first to say:


Chris Jones finally pulled his head out of his butt.

doesn't every team have at least 3 QBs?

Someone should suggest to Rod Black he is related to Benjamin just before kickoff.

It's about time.

Yes but not usually 3 Qb’s taking first team reps. The job is Reilly’s when he returns, with Nichols and/or Franklin as back up. I think that Nichols days have to be numbered in Edmonton if Franklin performs well the rest of the way. I don’t think Nichols will be happy as the third guy and I don’t think that is a roll they want him in. Third string is usually reserved for somebody on the way up, not the way down.

The sad part for me is that Nichols has never really recovered from two consecutive year ending injuries. Few players can lose 2 years and still come back. Nichols worked hard but is just not quite there. The body can only take so much.

No trade one of QB will be hurt as all teams carry 4