Frankie Williams

Thinking outside of the box.

I wonder if we should take a look at Frankie at running back or receiver.

He looks like he could excel in either role much like Banks.

Thoughts ?

Fast foward Ticats chat 2022…

“Steinauers ego and stubbornness held Williams back.”

We already have plenty of good recievers. Frankie is needed on Defence and ST.

…Orlondo’s personality is very different than Kent’s.

Orlondo walks into the coaches meeting. Tommy, I want Frankie to play offence.

Tommy: But he has never played offense before.

Orlondo: Don’t care.

Tommy: What position

Orlondo: Receiver

Tommy: But he doesn’t know how to run a route.

Orlondo: Don’t care.

Tommy: OK, boss. Do I tell Speedy, Tasker, Addison or Acklin that they are sitting? And Tucker is doing a pretty good job too coach.

Orlondo: Don’t care. Pick anyone. Just get this DB/KR guy into the offence.

Reinebold: AHHHH, coach. I think this guy has come a long way as a dangerous weapon on returns. Could be the top guy in the league this year. He also gives us depth as a DB. Did you see the 2 returns he took to the house this past week? Didn’t you see that savy move where he took a knee just inside the goal line to get us out of a jam?

Orlondo: Don’t care, an insider suggested we get him on the offense and that is what we are going to do.
End of meeting.

No, we need him to replace Sutton at runningback.

Hillarious ;D

Speedy and Tasker switch to defensive back. Addison goes to O-line. Think outside the box.


We should just trade Speedy and Tasker to the Argos for rights to Ricky Ray.

Frankie develops into a solid receiver…

All good until Frankie drops a few balls in a couple of games.

We will need to trade him or he takes a pay cut!


Play him in the original, real, Garney’s role. Regular DB, occasionally subs in for receiver, or decoy. Although Garney rarely decoyed.

Personally, I think he is doing fine at DB, and superlative as returner.

Palmer: my thoughts too. Line him up at SB opposite BB and have them both run a streak. Then throw the famous 2 yarder in the flats to Addison

Banks was predominantly a kick returner in Washington and in Hamilton until June Jones decided to make him a full time wide receiver and no longer returning kicks. I was just saying that Frankie looks like he could excel on offence much like Speedyb did. I understandcthat he is currently a good kick returner and DB and we currently have enough good import receivers . But things could change and maybe in the future use him on some offensive plays like speedyb did

I noticed some pretty lame attempts at humour …especially CatsfanfromOttawa . about Sutton. I think you are better off as the straight man.


That is patently false. Austin did everything he could to get Speedy worked in to the offense. All through camp, pre-season, and the first couple of games he was getting reps on offense. He kept dropping the ball.

Thanks for the shout out. I’m honoured. ;D

As for Putting Williams on offence, I don’t see a problem doing it at some point, in a limited situational role. But at the moment, we are more in need of a DB than we are of a receiver. We are pretty flush with good receivers, including a few speedsters who are very good at getting extra yards after the catch. So I don’t see a point in making the move now.

wow CatsfanfromOttawa , a guy that enjoys talking ticat football instead of just trolling and knocking others.
Yeah I agree Frankie is needed more at db and special teams right now.
I just have been watching him returning kicks and thought wow good ball handling , pretty strong, very fast , elusive and good at finding holes and using blocking.

Defiantly lost a step as a DB put him at receiver while were at it put Breaux a receiver, I mean he’s aggressive we can get a few PI call on the opposing D

He could be very effective once he gets the ball. But the question, if we put aside the points I raised earlier, is still whether he’s a capable receiver. Can he run routes well? Can he catch a pass over his shoulder while running at full speed. Can he hang on to the pass under immediate contact, unlike kick returns where he has time to secure the ball before contact?

Three players fined after Week 9 action

Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive back Frankie Williams was fined for taking hold of BC Lions receiver Duron Carter by the neck.
And Carter thought he was catching a break by not having to face his old nemesis, Breaux Sr.

Well at least Frankie didn’t get fined for a referee stepping on his toe and knocking him out of the next game! ?

Is a tourist hit when the player hits a tourist; or the player that got hit was acting like a tourist?

An entire thread to address some lame, non existant issue…

yet, in real life, Condell uses WR Addison at QB and RB and it barely warrants a mention anywhere.