Frankie Williams re-signs

Good news

In case you are wondering

A great piece of the puzzle back. I thought he really improved in coverage last year. Return skills are excellent also though I’d like to see someone else out there to take some of the load off


We rock.

Gotta think we have spent our budget at DB and that Leonard is the odd man out. He will get offers elsewhere.

Both Rolle and Williams moved form their rookie contract to a veteran contract in 2020, and Adeleke could presumably command a bit of a raise. That means we are already spending more at DB than last year. That extra will have to be taken out of another position group.

One down, two to go with Wynn and Davis. I’d hate to lose Leonard, however, felt he had a bounce back year in 2019.

Great news.

Fantastic news!

#37 is the real deal! Hopefully, Mr. Williams plays in Tigertown for many years.