frank zicarelli has a bias against the Ticats

I used to like reading this guy's columns, but this article makes zero sense, given Hamilton's week off, home field advantage and the fact that we beat Montreal two weeks ago at THF:

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The title of the thread is incorrect. Just because his opinion differs from your does not in any way mean he is "biased" against the Cats.

Yes, he's calling for Montreal to win on Sunday; but it's a qualified opinion:

The Lions weren’t very good in the semifinal, too passive and ill-prepared to face the Als. . . The Ticats will pose a different challenge on Sunday

If Crompton runs an efficient offence, if the Als win the turnover battle and if their defence plays like it is capable of playing, the Als will be heading to Vancouver for a shot at Grey Cup glory.

Those are three pretty big "ifs". It's an opinion piece, he's entitled to his opinion, and he's backed up his opinion. You may not agree with his analysis, and that's fine, but it does not mean that he is somehow "biased" against the Cats.

Ah just another media goon, the Al's are way too pumped up and their heads are way over inflated like Madjack of the Argo's, they all deserve a good butt kicking!!

“We’re just playing our defence,’’ halfback Jerald Brown said. “It doesn’t matter what quarterback is there, what receivers they have. If we play our defence, it’s going to be tough for whomever it is. That’s how we’re built.?

I doesn’t get enough attention, says Brown.

“I also told everyone wait until our offence clicks,’’ said Brown. “When our offence clicks, it’ll be scary.

Scary is right, when our Tiger-Cats dine on fresh bird meat on Sunday smoked to perfection in that Montreal style!!!


I am not now, and have never ever been, a fan of that blue team.

Don't know where you're getting that from.

And, just because a reporter/columnist doesn't happen to pick the Ticats to win does not make him a "goon".

Wasn't it last week people were complaining that Chris Schultz was biased against the Ticats? :roll:

I agree with you, MadJack.

As for the game, I anticipate a good one. I suspect it will be a real battle. I hope those "ifs" in the article don't come true in the Als' favour. Fingers crossed that they fall our way instead. We may win or we may lose. I'd say it's 50:50. I hope we win.

Als players being cocky or journalists thinking they have a good chance to win it doesn't matter at all. It certainly doesn't indicate bias or make anyone a goon.

Unfortunately for me I'll be out of the country when it's on.

This is Sun Media we're talking about here? Please :roll: :roll: :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Zicarelli: "If Crompton runs an efficient offence, if the Als win the turnover battle and if their defence plays like it is capable of playing, the Als will be heading to Vancouver for a shot at Grey Cup glory."

That appears to the key statement of prediction in his column. I'll challenge that with:

If Collaros runs an efficient offence, if the TiCats win the turnover battle and if their defence plays like it is capable of playing, the TiCats will be heading to Vancouver, again, for another shot at Grey Cup glory.

Be the underdog. Embrace it. Role suits us better.


Why are you always so quick to attack everyone?

Not cool and you've been called out on a bunch of threads about your responses.

I guess being anonymous makes you feel superior somehow. Just argue the posts and not attack and accuse people of being Argo fans all the time.... Childish behaviour :thdn:

I'd say we are perfectly capable of beating Montreal. Zicarelli can "if" his way to an opinion all he wants but after seeing the last game against Montreal, there is no reason we can't beat then again.
We split the only two regular season games we played against Montreal so I can't see 50 points being put up on the scoreboard by either team this Sunday. No underdogs in this game.
When we go to the Grey Cup, I am sure we will be the underdogs if we go up against 15-3 Calgary? But it's only one game and as far as I am concerned the season's record won't matter.

Grow up.

And, for the umpteenth time, I am not now and have never been a fan of that blue team.

Get your facts straight.

As long as I have been following and writing to this forum, I have always known Madjack to be an Als fan. I've also found him to be one of the more reasonable, thoughtful and interesting contributors from that side.

I find Zicarelli's suggestions about this upcoming game questionable, as much as his theory that the blew team deserved to be in the playoffs more than Hamilton or Montreal. A goon no.

Madjack, I will have to hate your team this Sunday. Nothing personal.

Thanks kindly old fan (but are you older than me??).

Montreal is 1A in my books and the Cats are 1B, so the result on Sunday, whatever it may turn out to be, will be acceptable to me; and I'll certainly be cheering for whoever wins this match at the Grey Cup!

Toronto deserved to the in playoffs more than Montreal or Hamilton? No way. They are exactly where they deserve to be.


:thup: :thup:

TiCats are favoured by 3.5 points this Sunday. As far as Vegas is concerned … not the underdog.

Here's another "media goon" or "idiot" or whatever term people will use to label people who happen to have an "opinion" contrary to their own ...

[url=] ... 20931.html[/url]

Have at it!

I swear if someone predicted Hamilton will win by 21 points ... people would still attack them that they didn't say 22!

BUT THIS IS WRITTEN BY BANSHEE"S FAVORITE- Doug Brown!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:

As much as I'd like to see my Als prevail, I don't see how Hamilton isn't the favorite to win, given their dominant record at home and the enormous goose egg my Als laid the last time they visited THF. Not saying upsets can't happen but right now, comparing both teams and accounting for the fact that Montreal will be playing on the road, I have to pick Hamilton to win.