Frank Verducci Fired?

Herb reporting Verducci out as o-line coach, possibly to be replaced by Scott Flory.

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I wonder if Josh had a condition to signing his deal :lol:

Coming on Marsh and the Als are removing coaches instead of adding them . Let's hope after all this time they impress us when they announce their staff.

If he is interested in going pro, Bryan Chiu might make more sense as he as actual coaching experience.
Could (i.e., based on his university performance) he be the Offensive and O-Line coordinator, with Flory as the assistant O-Line coach (for day-to-day work)?

Chiu did not get the Concordia Head Coach job last week, but haven`t heard his name mentioned for an Als job.

More fron Herb on Verducci/Flory and dare I say even a mention of Maciocia:

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So Popp has obviously been confirmed in his HC role. He's probably trying to put his staff together.

Je crois que j'aimerais mieux la perspective de voir Chiu s'amener comme entraîneur que Flory qui ne semble pas encore mentalement prêt à cette idée. Flory est un gars très intelligent et qui connaît tous les asepcts de ces positions sur le bout de ses doigts, mais son discours laisse à penser qu'il n'a pas encore quitté le terrain.

Non que je doute de son dévouement, mais on a toujours de meilleurs résultats lorsqu'on n'entretient pas de doute sur notre volonté d'accomplir ce travail. Si Flory veut tester sa volonté de jouer, j'aime autant le voir sur le terrain. S'il joue toujours à un haut niveau, il est un atout précieux sur la ligne.

If Scott feels he can play another season why not ? He's under contract and getting ready to play. He's earned the right to show up at camp. I've always pictured Scott as more of a front office guy. He's the perfect guy to work with Jim and take over Desjardins spot and eventually Popp when he gets his NFL job :wink:

The only issue is that the opening on the line is at left guard. Scott turned down going to Saskatchewan because he didn't want to move left. Can Ryan do that ?

I hope they come to an agreement. Worst case if they can't find a spot, keep things friendly and let Scott out of his contract so he can play in Ottawa for a year or two and bring him back when he retires. Scott lives in St-Anne de Bellevue so he could shuttle back and forth for a couple days every couple weeks without moving his family.