Frank Gansz Jr not cutting it

Frustration is making me beak off in the middle of a game, but Junior again tonight is showing that he's not getting the Canadian game. His father was a coaching legend in US college and because of some weird management decisions in the late 80s, Senior was the HC of the KC Chiefs for a year and a half. KC was where Junior was the special teams boss when Dante Hall was the NFL's best. But we are just not getting the returns (except for one punt brought back) and the boys at TSN never forget to remind us that we start deeper in our end than any other team in the league.

I agree...On returns we are not seeing proper blocking schemes to spring returners. And on coverage, the players do not seem to be staying in their lanes leaving gaping holes...

Gotta love 6'1, 270 pound interior defensive lineman Brett Wade lined up on the kickoff team.

No fault of his obviously, but what coverage do you have when he's ten yards behind the next ticat running downfield in pursuit.

I understand back-ups for the most part have a special teams role, but on the kickoff team running down field? Maybe field goal team on the line, but not on kickoffs.

That is just a small example of what is wrong with this team.