..Frank Ferrara

...don't know much about this guy....and how does he bring more experience to our club and system...than Donnie Brooks...maybe i'm missing something here...but it does sound strange...in any case the player ratio is going to be changed for the Mont. game ...due to adding Hebert to the roster...the injury bug is also starting to ding us...hope we can come out of this next game healthy ...cuz we have Edm. on a short week... :roll:

...anyway ..does anyone have the scoop on Ferrara?

Bombers add S Bearman, DT Ferrara
July 11 - Blue Bombers add non-import safety Greg Bearman (5-8, 185, New Mexico State ’97, DOB: Aug. 2, 1975 in Richmond, B.C.) and import defensive tackle Frank Ferrara (6-3, 275, Rhode Island ’98, DOB: Dec. 7, 1975 in Brooklyn, N.Y.) to the team’s practice roster.

Don't know much. I was listening to CJOB last night... Ferrara is to take over Warner, and Bearman is to take over someone who seperated their shoulder.

if the bombers were smart, they should have looked for a canadian defensive tackle, so then Hebert could have taken over maybe donovan carter's spot.

...thanx BleedBlue&Gold... :thup:

No prob., bro. Keep up the great Bomber talk around here!

And as for Evan (the poster), we're not going to fool around with our defence. They've been playing great so far. Why fix something that ain't broke? Hebert will definitely be doing special teams, and some sort of "packaging" on defence, but Berry didn't say what.

Also, there's a good chance Westy will be doing punting, and kicking this Saturday. Buh-bye, Sam! I hope...

Hebert will replace Paulescu on the roster while two new bodies that just arrived yesterday will also play. Frank Ferrara will replace injured Ron Warner (knee) while Greg Bearman will suit up in place of Neil McKinlay (foot). This is where I got confused. Martin Lapostolle, who is expected today, will replace injured non-import Cam Legault (shoulder). OL Jermese Jones will also likely replace Mike Abou-Mechrek (shoulder), meaning the Bombers will have to drop a DB, or receiver.

Well, they really can't take out an import on defence unless there's a NI player that I don't know about that can keep the level on par to what they've been doing so far on the field.

Too bad the injury bug hit us hard. This just goes to show that while we're a really good team this year, our depth is something to be desired. It's also terrible that we have to face Montreal. But, we'll have to I OL's in there, Blink, Stegall, Brazzell, Thurmon, McCord. I think we'll do ok on offence. We just got to keep AC covered like the last game and come on CFL refs, if Mtl can play dirty, why can't we? Make it a level playing field.

Ferrara played well last year with BC. I'm scratching my head a bit over Wally letting him go.

Geez Bombers, how about a gift in return? We let you sign Barrin Simpson, and maybe another good one in Ferrara..... Anything in return? :expressionless:

....Sporty...are you overlooking the Geroy gift....he's still looks like one of the best receivers in this league..sorry to hear about Simmons...he is a good talent...looks like you guys got nicked pretty good and now we're starting to hurt....it's a tough game...everyone knows that...But ...now is where the depth on your roster will come into play...and we're lucky in that respect....Ferrara is a good one eh...well if he works out thanx.....if he dosen't we'll be sending the rights to Wade Miller...if he still wants to play...lol lol..... :lol:

ugh....I just heard Ferrara has decided to go back home....he has quit football....Berry says they will try to get Booker here tomorrow but failing that we will have to go to a 3 - 4 defence with Hebert.....what a time for this to happen.....

I heard that too, What a goofball ferrara is. Why even bother to come to winnipeg then.

I sent him an e-mail about the mosquitos! :wink:

You're right papa...I forgot about Simon

...rights to Miller on the way sport...i guess Frank had a change of heart..if Donny Brooks dosen't make it.....we will have to go with a makeshift 'd' and play Hebert..i don't like this uncertainty...especially when we are going up against the Als....i can see the Don licking his chops... :rockin: