Frank D'Angelo

Back when he turned away by the CFL, there were a number of posters speaking highly of this guy. I was not one of them.

Here are two recent articles about him:

I am still glad that he won't be part of our CFL.

Me too. I really didn't want to see him own and then rename the Ottawa club as the Ottawa StealBacks.

He sounds perfect for Ottawa. Horn Chen, Lonnie Glieberman and Frank D'Angelo....a Rough Rider holy trinity.

Yeah, and I was told I wasn't a real fan for having doubts about him. :roll:

CFL knew what they where doing .

When a guy announces he's purchasing a team prior to actually making contact with the league, it's a relative no-brainer that he doesn't know what he's doing.

Bahhahahahaha...I hadn't heard funny. Must have drank all his profits.


He also released his redesigned Ottawa uniforms before he had ever talked to anybody from the league about buying the franchise. The media just ate this up.

The CFL was criticized in the media for dumping D'Angelo, but obviously they did their due diligence on this one.

I coulnd't believe it when I heard it. the press release went out that that he was buying the team. You ASSUME that this is with league approval, right? Even if it was a couple of days after the team was "suspended", the impression was that the term "suspension" was used for that reason (it would be temporary) and that Glieberman was essentially squeezed out.

It took no time for the media, of course, to get on board and someone from the league (Pelley?) was quoted as saying something along the lines that they had yet to talk to Frank. Oh. Yeah, we should probably at least clear THAT hurdle first. :roll:

Then when stories came out about how his money wasn't really his money, etc, it was obvious that this guy was not suitable for anything but being an extra on The Sopranos.

Holy trinity, good one Artie! For sure, the CFL made a good call on this one, not that I doubt his passion as a great Canadian and all of that but he wouldn't have made the greatest owner I don't believe with all of his tacky gimmicks, and a market like Ottawa doesn't like tacky gimmicks.

Thats to bad.
I thought his plan was a good one.
I am aware of the articles and it is good that he did not get a francise afterall , but the bussiness plan that he had would have been a good one.
If someone else took take his plan, then it would be good for Ottawa.

Glad to see the CFL did their "Home Work" on this one. I must admit, I was one of those that thought D'Angelo might be a good choice.

To the expansion zealots. This is another reason why you cannot rush into expansion to every litle corner of the country. There are not enough STABLE Millionairs that can support a team in this country.

His "plan" had nothing to do with the City of Ottawa, the CFL, football, or anything other than the continued shameful self-promotion of one Frank D'Angelo. That's how I saw it and see it still.

Exactly. Aside from using the team to promote his drinks, I don't recall anything about a plan. And being that he didn't know enough to contact the league prior to announcing his purchase, tean name and uniforms, I shudder to think what that plan might have been.

,,,,Holy bankruptcy ...beerman....This guy is exactly what the CFL DOESN'T NEED.....Why are the attempts to revive the Ottawa franchise attracting guys like this.....We need people with integrity (and a lot of money would help) to get back some respectability in the east...not some 'shyster' looking for a glorified advertisement vehicle....Keep going D'Angelo...we've seen this horror story before.... :thdn:

You can tell this guy's a jerk just from watching his commercials -- which to no surprise feature him promoting himself by doing things he has no business doing.

If he had purchased the Ottawa franchise, the people of Ottawa and across the league would have been looking back with fondness on the days of sane, stable ownership under Lonie Glieberman, and his love for the league would have reminded everyone of Horn Chen.

Some people criticized the league for telling this guy to take a hike, but now it's clear that they made the best business decision in the history of Ottawa football.

They sure did.

We've all been critical from time to time of some of the decisions the CFL has made in the past, so it is only fair that we give the Board and the unfairly-maligned Mr. Wright major kudos for making the right call on this one.