Frank D'Angelo...........Part Two

Well, looks like he's landed in some more legal difficulties:

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Wow, it's a good thing the league never considered him as an owner.
I though will have to admit of being wrong as back then I thought he was flamboyant enough and with money.
Boy wrong on both accounts.

No, you were right that he's flamboyant. :wink:

I recall being happy to hear that he was buying the renegades...until I heard that he neglected to make the CFL aware of this minor detail. From that point on, he was just another clown in the parade.

This guy is a complete joke and I'm glad he's not involved with the CFL.

I know that when he was running the beer company, he wouldn't pay his suppliers.

The funniest thing is, he doesn't even have any money!!!! He's friends with a billionaire who funded the beer company and left him in charge.

He'd make a great NHL owner, though! :lol:

HAHAHA. Surprised Bettman hasn’t called him but probably has him on speed dial.

I know of this guys rep in the business world and he doesn’t have many friends.

Yes very good idea, Frank with no money and with legal problems would be valued by Bettman and given a franchise over the squeeky clean and billionaire Balsille.

Further update:

Yeah, I thought he’d be good too… Boy was I wrong!

Combining football and beer just made it seem like a natural though.

I was wrong about him too and I even liked the Steelback name until I found out it was a beer. He had Phil Esposito vouching for him as well.