Frank Cutolo Released OMG!!

wow im reallllly schocked ...the Renegades released Frank Cutolo they said he drops the ball too much and to many fumbles but holy crap i think the renegades didnt use him enouoght thats all and made him look bad wow im really shocked!

holy crap is right, he wont be unemployed long I bet...

I'm surprised too. It's like Brazzel in Hamilton. Watch for Cutolo to land in Winnipeg. I agree with you Renegades16, they didn't use him enough.

By the way, when I use the comparison of Brazzel in Hamilton I mean how a player does in one city compared to another. Hey I thought Cutolo was good with the Leos. I feel bad for him.

Frank does not look like the Cutolo of old..... he'll probably get another shot with another team ...maybe he can get his act together....still a good ball player... :roll:

come to the bombers! i wouldnt want to mess up the chemistry with our starting recievers but he’d definately be an awesome 5th or 6th reciever, and good to have in case of an injury or someone slumping. although im sure some team out there probably needs him more. maybe the riders? hamilton too

I'm shocked at this. Is there a link so we can verify this story? Cutolo is a talented receiver and I don't think the Renegades used him nearly enough. Then again, if your name isn't Josh Ranek or Jason Armstead, Kerry Joseph doesn't seem to want to throw you the ball. Just look at Pat Woodcock.

Hamilton should pick Cutolo up. He can't be any worse than Kamau Peterson. I'm sure the Roughriders, with all their receiver injuries, could use him as well.

Edit: Okay, my bad. TSN has the report on their site coming from the Ottawa Sun. So it's probably true.

I'm guessing here, but I think Cutolo's release has little to do with his on-field performance. I think he was released by BC and now by Ottawa due to his attitude being a disruption in the locker room. I think he's poison to team chemistry. Ever seen how he embarasses the QB (be it Dickenson, Printers, or Joseph) when a pass isn't thrown directly to him? He seems to want to make it clear to the fans that it was the QB's fault he didn't catch the pass and not his fault, and his showboating of that sort of nature is not likely to win him many friends.

Mad jack you might be mad, but me think's you are on to something. When the Lion's let him go I was very suprised, now the Gades sent him packing, there probably is more to it than on field production. Cutolo's history show's he can get the job done, so he droped a few ball's this year, big deal it's not like he was known for a bad set of hands..

MadJack could be on to something....Buono quietly cleans house and if you read between the lines you can pick out the trouble makers. Now that Ottawa has done it, you really have to wonder.

Cut Peterson Hamilton and bring in Cutolo...or just keep Peterson then.

I'm with Blue and Gold....if I was in the brain trust in Hamilton I'd bring in Cutolo and release Kamau I-Can't-Catch Peterson in a heartbeat. Attitude problem and all, I'd rather deal with that.

Good observation Mad Jack. During the last game against the Als, Kerry was under a lot of pressure on one particular throw to Cutolo and underthrew him. As the camera was still on Bobby Curtola you could see him yelling something back at Joseph. I looked at my wife and said, "Did you see that? He's blaming Joseph for the bad pass!" She actually replied back to me with, "Maybe that's why B.C. let him go."

..........hmmmmmm :?

He Could Come To Toronto And He'd Fit Right In With Guys Like Baker, Livingston, Plamer, And Rison. Boy Do I Feel Sorry For Talbot And Miles Who Have To Put Up With These Guys.

Montreal Could Use Him The Most With The Departure Of Cavil And Copeland And With Cahoon Still OutThey're In The Most Need Of A Starting WR.

Once things for certain, Quiroga (who's replacing Cutolo) has four inches on him (6'2" vs. 5'10"). I hope that makes a difference...