Frank Cosentino comes in to relieve Joe Zuger ( Manziel / Masoli)

Frank Cosentino used to come off the bench and relieve Joe Zuger at QB for the Ti-Cats .It worked out well for us back then.
Why couldn't a QB come into the game off the bench to relieve the starting QB and have success with fresh legs and arm ? (like a relief pitcher )
Progressive thinking or classic nostalgia ?
Sounds like better entertainment value to me...

I’m a year or two too young to remember Cosentino, so I’m wondering, did he come in only when the game was in control or out of hand, or did he come in at random times during close games?

They used to bring in Mazoli a few years ago to relieve Collars as well. He would run a wildcat offense for a few series to get the defense off guard. Worked for a while. Mazoli and Manziel both have a similar style so it wouldn't be as effective now.

Frank Cosentino came in when the game was close ,either up or down points.
I was a teenager so my perception was Cosentino was a bigger body and the change in style worked out for us frequently .
With two strong QB's ,even with similar style I think it's a no brainer to use both ,they have different strengths .Why not use both in a game when we have this bonus of two good QB's?
I know with some coaches this is a no starter , with Austin and The Little General it was a definite non starter....
I see more entertainment for the fans of both QB's ,a stronger team with two QB's getting playing time without taking away the win at all cost factor which is all important but can be achieved with two star QB's while entertaining us fans across N. America.

I completely agree with you, Teddy.

I'm afraid that Joe Zuger and Frank Cosentino might have lost a step over the years but I'd still be willing to give them a try at the helm. Who knows, they might have a lot left to offer and provide Tiger-Cat fans with a welcome surprise and opponents with a nasty one.


8)The 2 QB system has flourished over the years in the CFL.

Always remember the old days when Tommy Clements and Conredege Holloway shared duties in
Ottawa. Then in Toronto with Holloway and Joe Barnes !!

Worked good in those old days, so no reason why it couldn't still work, with the right kind of QB's

Can anyone name an example from the past 30 years?

True ,thirty years ago the CFL had more talent at the QB position before the NFL increased roster size or just took more QB's on their roster .Thirty years ago African American QB's were CFL QB's or running backs so yes things have changed with the CFL losing out on talent the last few decades.
But we have two skilled QB's today, that is the difference , exit the Dinosaur thinking ,welcome the entertaining while still winning/competing .

LeFevour used to come in all the time for packages as well.

Yep and we did it with Porter as well

Yes, LeFevour would come in for Burris, much to his chagrin!:wink:

Thought those packages were mostly when Glenn was here. I seem to remember that East Semi-final in Montreal featuring a large amount of LeFevour packages.

pre posting edit that was for Burris, I was thinking of the 2011 East Semi in MTL where Quinton Porter kept coming in for a series here or there. **

Quinton Porter was one of the most inconsistent players in CFL history, but one part of his game that never missed was his 1st down plunges and outside runs. He may very well be the best short yardage QB in CFL history. He never missed the 1st down. He was incredibly mobile for a guy that's 6'5" 230lbs.

Isn't it worth keeping a guy that gets guaranteed 1st downs? But I guess later on his salary was starter-level, which is too much for a short yardage only guy.

Back then nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. "5 bees for a quarter?" we used to say.
Anyway , we took the train to Argo games with onions tied to our belts...

which was the style at the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiwwwwake up!

Frank Cosentino was a Canadian QB born in Hamilton & 2018 HOF
Best way to develop a QB ,give them some actual game playing time , we all know it. Why is it seldom done. Mike OShea has done it in Winnipeg . Jones in Sask Strong. Are these the only progressive CFL Coaches in the game today? Remember when Zac went down ,we were up in the game score (I believe) but the game went totally down hill because our back up QB's had next to zero game time . Dumb coaching ,or just conservative ol boys club covering their "jobs"? Take a walk on the wild side and entertain fans coaches!

I think a coach goes with his best chance at winning and that is often the starter. Unless some comfort threshold is achieved (i.e. a big lead or the backup is really ready) then #2 will still sit. I trust June knows what he's doing.

It's just not long term planning for the inevitable injury ,then the un-seasoned QB comes the Playoffs for example and we're done.
During the regular season there are opportunities to sit the starter for a series , ...{banging head on wall :0)...}