Frank Clair Stadium

Was watching a clip on youtube was wondering

does the stadium still have the endzone seating?

and were there Gades logos on the field anywhere?

and if the the end zone seats are still there why not just have them,the upper south side,and North side seats,and just add some cheap high school like bleachers under the current stands,till money is better

it the commishs blog he said 2011,i think 2010 is better,since the last commish said ten by the end of the decade in 04?

No endzone seats.
The U of Ottawa played an exhibition game there yesterday. There is new field turf and the North stands are open.
Yes putting in temporary seats in the lower south side would be logical if the franchise is awarded. It would make sense to do that until they figure out what they are going to do in the long run.

The Gades logo was on the field turf, that turf is ripped up and gone.

I have heard that the stands, not the endzones, is not up to par.
The problem of deciding on a new franchise for ottawa, is troubled by the need of determing if the stands should be torn down and rebuilt, or upgraded for a specific period of time.
My guess, ottawa wont have a team until the stands are ripped down and rebuilt to acomodate more than a cfl team. The cfl should be the largest the fiedl could be, and if a soccer field cannot be fitted into the cfl field, then, ottawa will not get a cfl franchinse at the current site. :slight_smile: