Frank Clair stadium in danger of collapse?

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I'll wait for this...

"Engineers are to submit a more detailed report next week about what danger, if any, the cracks represent."

...but I hope that it at least serves as a kick in the ass in the meantime, even if nothing comes of it.

Here comes the wrecking ball and the townhouses.

I guess this is going to put the CFL's return to Ottawa on hold for a while. :frowning:

Yes, but maybe it is a prelude to something better there, who knows eh?

Earl, while I admire your optimism, I think Big Dave and Argotom are more realistic.

8 team league for a while.

Agree Sporty, I didn't mean to suggest that in the next 3-4 years there will be any team there, heck, it's Ottawa we're talking about, just deciding what to do will take that long while the stadium remains unsuitable for large scale events like CFL football. But I think after all is said and done, the stadium comes down, condos are built and a new faciltiy is built somewhere in Ottawa. I say a new team in about 6-8 years at the earliest.

....add a zero to the end of those numbers you quoted Earl if that stadium comes down....existing teams are finding it tough to improve/expand their existing facilities....there is no way the politicos in ottawa, at any level, will replace their stadium for a CFL team if FC is demo' would take some future 'World Class' event to get a stadium back in bytown....

True R&W, agree. But Ottawa, the nation's capital, and not having a decent outdoor stadium for concerts and all of that, or a Grey Cup the biggest single event of sports in Canada? You're right though, they will go after a World Track Championship or something "amateur" to garner the basic public funding for the stadium, like Toronto did for the BMO facility.

if ottawa was smart they would buy the lynx stadium and convert it into a football stadium, the lynx are gone, so why not convert that into a nice little football park, install some natural grass add some seats and your set.

FC should be torn down, and used for homes and possibly a recereation centre for fitness/training.

The Lynx stadium is more viable.

I heard though that Ottawa messed up, what else is new, on the location of Lynx Stadium and where it is is no good for parking for anything more than what the stadium holds, about 10,300 I think it is. So I don't think it would be suitable for a 25,000 stadium expansion.

It probably isn't good for expansion, but that's hardly a mess-up. It was never intended to be expanded into anything other than what it is.

While it may change, the only place I ever hear anything about condos there is on CFL message boards.

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[i]Since the city discovered late last month that the lower level of the south-side stands at Frank Clair Stadium was crumbling, it has been scrambling to come up with a plan to revitalize the 18-hectare space.

Alta Vista Coun. Peter Hume and Capital Coun. Clive Doucet have decided the best way to give Lansdowne Park a chance for a facelift is to launch an international design competition.


The designer must preserve Frank Clair Stadium and the Civic Centre, improve and integrate the park's access to the Rideau Canal and create green spaces within the park.[/i]

I'm so with you on the need of green space within the Lansdowne Park grounds.

I was there for the GC in 2004 and the actual grounds reminded me of a more desolute Exhibition Place in Toronto; or for a better like-term comparison, trying to tailgate in Calgary if McMahon was situated in Stampede Park. Lansdowne Park is just concrete and asphalt.

The surrounding area of a stadium, imo, should have some semblance of green space, if even a minute one.

Agreed. Here's one way they're thinking of going about it.

Mayor Larry O'Brien promised during last fall's municipal election to revitalize the park...He said his ideas and those of the councillors were very close, and he's very supportive of the approach they propose. His only caveat was that he felt there needed to be a few more specific details added to the design requirements, like a 1,000-space underground parking lot.

What is located past the right field fence at the Lynx stadium?
If that land could be acquired....the facility could be expanded to CFL requirements with room to grow/spare.
This should be looked at...a more modern facility and half of it is already built.

A Canadian Tire Store!

lynx stadium is the way to go, parking is limited, but they could easily build some high-rise parking structures on site to accomodate the cars, therefore people would have their cars covered in event of inclement weather.

Someone showed me this from a Lynx blog:

"Miles Wolff (President of Can-Am baseball league) and representatives of Baseball Canada will be in town on Thursday, September 13 to meet with seven or eight City councillors and present their proposal for Lynx Stadium in a series of face to face meetings."

lynx stadium can not hold a cfl feild unless they were to tear down half of it to make room for a cfl size field.