Framed and beaten ex-TiCat forgives police

[u]Former Hamilton Tiger-Cat linebacker who was beaten by cops pens letter of forgiveness[/u] Laura Kane - The Spectator

[b]With his face pressed into the pavement, blood gushing from his forehead and the taste of asphalt in his mouth, Orlando Bowen thought he was about to die.

The CFL linebacker had been out celebrating a new contract on March 26, 2004, when he says he was savagely beaten by two plainclothes Peel police officers. The officers then planted drugs on him, he says, and charged him with assaulting police and possessing cocaine.

Bowen was acquitted after one of the officers was arrested for cocaine trafficking. But he was forced to retire early due to a concussion he suffered during the beating, and the ordeal nearly destroyed his reputation and many of his friendships.

Ten years later, he wants the officers to know he forgives them.[/b]

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This is an amazing story of courage. Orlando Bowen should be commended for his maturity and for forgiving
a couple of over zealous police officers. In the end, of course, one of these officers proved to be a drug pusher
himself. Yet Bowen still forgives him.
I have to admire this man.

What a powerful story, this (to me) is what manhood is all about, rising above a senseless and tragic situation to become a person of integrity. A lot of people may not understand the ability to forgive those involved, but it is an essential part of making peace with the past and moving forward. I sincerely applaud this man and thank God that he was able to become a changed man through this experience.

Quite the story thats for sure. Thanks tangle for pointing this story out.

I forgive Greg Marshall for 2004-06

wow..... just wow.....

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???? Explanation????....just what does forgiving Greg Marshall have to do with this thread and topic :? :o ????

It would be my guess that anothertdork (aptly named) fails to see the courage and humanitarianism emitting
from the very benevolent actions of Orlando Bowen. Instead, he sees humour in a serious situation and has
difficulty separating himself from absurd comments to reality.

Great article - thanks for posting!

Many people don't realize that the act of forgiving others for hurt done to them, is healing and freeing for the one forgiving - whether or not the one being forgiven actually ever hears the words of forgiveness. Bowen obviously understands this and knows that moving forward in his life means letting go of hurts from the past regardless of the negative impact that they had at the time.

I was saddened and amazed by this story. I don't know that I could be as forgiving in this situation. Bowen could have gone in a totally different direction. He could have ended up bitter because of the loss of a promising football career, but he turned this horrible experience into something positive. I have so much respect for him. As for the two scumbags who did this to him, they should rot in jail for taking advantage of the very people they signed up to protect.



Over zealous?? How about criminal. These cops are criminals. The cop drug dealer has of course, appealed his conviction. My guess is he's on paid leave until his case comes up.

An Argo-Cat fan

I am sure incidents like these are swept under the carpet and kept quiet as much as possible.
It sickens, angers and disgusts me to read such stories.
You need a W5/60 Minutes to dig deep and expose those ABUSING their authority.
I hope they get the book thrown at them and are sued for their wrong doings.

With the corrupt leadership at Queens Park, is there anyone the pubic can trust anymore?

And yes , the courts put publication bans on such cases, I know of one in Hamilton, but there is a gag order on it. so much for free speech

Unfortunately we have corrupt leadership everywhere. I don't know enough about Hamilton city politics to comment knowledgeably on that level but in Toronto Rob Ford or how many politicians and Toronto Port Authority officials Porter Airlines has 'influenced' in their attempt to ruin Toronto's waterfront - enough said.

The Liberals in Queens Park or the federal Harper Conservatives are in a dead heat as to which is more corrupt. Whatever happened to transparency and accountability? I guess that old saying is true - power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The question is - what are we going to do about it? But I guess that is not really a discussion for a football forum though is it?

Feel free to start an off topic thread on the issue TPB

As for what happened to the Ex Ticat Orlando Bowen and his enlightened attitude we can all learn from! God Bless him.