FOX pays over $3 billion for 55 NFL Thursday night games

It is being reported that FOX is paying over $600 million a year for 5 seasons of Thursday night football. 11 games per year in weeks 4 through 15 except for the American Thanksgiving. So a total of 55 games for over $3 billion! And that doesn't even include the digital rights.

The games will also be on NFL Network.

If my math is right that is that is over $54 million per game! Wow!

I guess the networks are not too concerned about the ratings drop over the past couple of years.

The guys at Fox are putting some of Disney's money to good use!

...tough to sell enough ads for that Cincy-Baltimore matchup...

That is insane.

I don't understand Fox's thinking.

Even people who LOVE the NFL, don't watch the Thursday night game.

How bad does FOX want in that they are willing to pay $37M for the Dog Of The Week.

Plus, if FOX is willing to pay $37M for one game, our CFL games on the NFL Network need to be worth something.

Looks like the MLS has a ways to go to try and match this truly major-league football deal.

Then people wonder if a Spring league can be viable with such sweep stakes to be obtained . It's no matter that leagues or idea of leagues are constantly being pandered .

If the CFL is going to kill November football for survival reasons it should look to a non conflict NFL season with NFL cities and non NFL cities alike with big investors .It appears their is an appetite for football for non traditional nights in the week and maybe in the year as well .

54 million a game is what the same the CFL gets or a little less for the entire season . Mind boggling the money on the table to be taken by a bright entrepreneur out there taking notice of it and seizing the day .

I guess the NFL players are not thrilled with the continuation of Thursday Night games - because players feel there at more of a risk of injury when they have to play games Sunday and the following Thursday. Plus with less time for teams to prepare and practice a regular game plan - I think it hurts the quality for of the games. I'm a Bills fan and their one Thursday night game was one of their worst performances of the season this past season.

Comments by Seahawks Canadian tight end Luke Wilson on Sportsnet on increased injuries - even getting picked up by American sports media like Sporting News.

While Goodell said the slight increase of injuries during Thursday games was an anomaly compared to previous seasons, Seahawks tight end Luke Willson isn't buying it.

"Listening to the commissioner, I am completely dumbfounded," Willson said as part ofSportsNet's Super Bowl 52 coverage. "You talk about this big emphasis placed on it, but what was said (Wednesday) is just simply not the truth.
"(Goodell) mentioned some stats and those stats are completely flawed. As a current player, if you play in a Thursday night game, you usually get the weekend off. So, any normal injury you would report, that would be on the injury report, you're not going to say that because you want that weekend off. No playerwantsto be in mandatory treatment right after a Thursday night game when, like the commissioner said, it's like a mini-bye.

"You're not reporting the normal injuries you would get on a Sunday, unless, obviously, it's very serious," Willson continued. "So to sit here and say that injuries aren't a thing, to be honest, I'm pretty disgusted as a current player. It was upsetting and you can see that it's not really about player safety."

One other comment the Canadian made caught my eye too.
The Ontario native, who played his college football at Rice, would also like to see an NFL game or two a year in Canada. Willson said it's "disappointing" to see annual games in Mexico City and London, but none in Canada.

It's about money though, stating the obvious. Thursday night is "special" as the NFL and networks see it and it probably garners more viewers than a 1:00 pm Sunday start often and the bars love it I'm sure as it's a night with an NFL game.

...teams that play on Thursday night should be only teams coming off their bye week...that probably addresses the injury issue (an issue that cannot be denied, even if your initials are RG)...

The Fox network is not part of the sales agreement with Disney. Disney purchased Fox's studio/film archive(think Avatar, Alien, Deadpool, Simpsons and The first Star Wars). They also purchased Sky(Fox's European Satellite service) and other cable assets. Fox,Fox News, and Fox Sports are still controlled by Rupert Murdoch.
Network TV is dying a slow death that will only accelerate in the next 3-5 years.(live events- sports, news, special events are going to fill up their schedule-thus the high bid for rights)To use an analogy to describe the state of linear network TV, think of a lush garden in the first week of September, in a few weeks the garden won't look so nice.
This deal was done to pump up the value for eventual sale.Mr Murdoch is 86 years old and his children are going to want the money. To use an analogy,Think Mr.Braley and The BC Lions,He loves the team and is unwilling to sell which is to the detriment of the team.

The NFL is preparing a possible game for Canada in 2019(NFL's 100th Anniversary).
They have games also scheduled for England,Mexico, and potentially sites in China/Germany.

The NHL is looking to hold a Heritage Classic in Edmonton in 2019(no game in 2018) which would probably be in early November after the proposed Grey Cup in mid-October.It would be very interesting if Edmonton ends up hosting an NFL game in the last two weeks of October. I wonder how Mr.Rhodes would spin that situation(Party in your parka-just not for the CFL) a net worth of only $15.5B, split six ways and probably have to share with Jerri, oh my gosh, whatever will they do to survive?!?!

The media/Technology conglomerates(Disney,Amazon,Etc ..) are heading into a massive battle
for people's attention.Thus the willingness pay top dollar for content.The companies that win that attention will monetize it.FOX was overpaying for an asset to keep it out of the hands of another company and increase it's resale potential.

Kevin, if you are playing the stock market, here is a tip buy the following three media companies:

MGM holdings

These three companies are going to be bought out within the next six to nine months for a very
pretty sum of money.WWE's sale could have a direct effect with how much capital the XFL has to
work with in 2020.

MLSE's purchase of the Argonauts was about buying an intellectual property(which in this day and age is incredibly valuable).
The CFL is a massively undervalued asset that has not been properly managed to achieve its full potential.
How they navigate the next few years will be telling to the leagues potential growth.Why deal with the NFL
when Amazon,Facebook,Etc ... will give you a great deal more money.

I appreciate your knowledge and thoughts what you say as below Connecticut Yankee
but this one reminds me so much about how the printed book was going to disappear quickly with Kindles etc. And libraries, public libraries especially but even academic libraries where institutions as part of accreditation are being evaluated in part with the strength of their libraries, were going to be extinct by now with no books on the shelf and just computers in some room. Just not happening. So I really have to take a grain of salt when anyone mentions that Network TV is going to die anytime soon as you seem to suggest. :-\

Network TV is dying a slow death that will only accelerate in the next 3-5 years.
Agree the CFL is undervalued but how does the league grow as you mention? The beauty is the CFL isn't some 30 team league like the 4 majors in NA so maybe the league does have room to grow in different ways with the number of teams it has at the moment. But please nothing to do with any suggestion of ponzi stuff, MLS seems to be getting away with this due to young people grasping for their own identity with pro sports, but I hope the CFL is above this in terms of class and integrity.

As one who has all platforms at my finger tips I don't see a case for cable or sat TV as we have now . It will be a pick and choose what networks we want and many present networks will fall as their content is redundant .Once streaming has deleted the streaming lag on sports it will end the preferred platform of cable or satellite . It will no longer make sense to have two entertainment platforms with the same content especially appointment TV of live sports and pay double the price .

Once the internet stream is stronger you will once again have networks or stations which we can obtain on the net with an app for free but you will see ads pop up like you tube or City TV as we do now . We will just be able to pick and choose and no longer be locked into stations we get against or will .We will watch when we want to watch except for live sports . This content will become valuable or less valuable as we will see who watches because of the horde mentality .

It will be interesting what the end result be for pro sports as the younger generation
does not see pro sports like our generation as must see TV except for the annual holiday mentality of the Super Bowl or Grey Cup celebration .