Fourth week winners and Losers.

This one really confused me. This is going to sound dumb, but seriously, do you think im good at it?

Winnipeg–By the skin on their teeth
BC–A no brainer
Edmonton–in a close one
Calgary-- back on track

whats the vgcc

Amazing how you just invite the comments...Nobody but you would say I thing like that....Just because I have mentioned that you can't understand logical agruments and you are like the little train that could. In the sense that you keep saying the same thing over and over to get your point across but won't acknowledge anyone elses arguments is just plain crazy.

But from now on when you see the phrase "Point not valid Red", means I will no longer be responding to any of your stupidity. So you can make all the arguments and points you wish.

I did but I got screwed over last season so I didn't bother this year...

Winnipeg @ Montreal - I'll take Montreal on this one, they are a good team that have had some difficulties, but I think they will get them ironed out, and being at home should make a difference. Montreal by 3

Hamilton @ BC - BC will take this one easily. Buck is supposed to be playing, and the Ti-Cats have been killing themselves with penalties in all their games so far. I don't see this changing any time soon. Second, the BC D has been unstoppable Third, there is the time difference. For the Ti-Cats, game start is 10:30. Even if they come out a couple of days early, they are still going to have a tough time. Most Eastern teams do. BC by 21

Sakatchewan @ Edmonton - this will be a tight one. The Eskimos are not a bad team, they've just had trouble in the Red Zone. However, that being said, they have shown improvement. Rider's, well if they play like they did against the Leos, they will lose in a relatively tight game. If the Riders bring their A-game, they will win. IMO, too close to call.

Toronto @ Calgary - Calgary has been pathetic so far. IMO, worse than the Ti-Cats. They have good players, but can't seem to get it together. Toronto, they've lost their starter for 6-8 weeks. I haven't seen enough of McMahon to know how good (or bad) he is, but I will go with Toronto in this game. Toronto by 12

Just how did you get screwed over? I didnt see any problems, so how did it happen?

Bombers - Injuries to Strickland, Sanchez and Watkins, all could be out for this one.

Lions - Forget who their qb is, their defence wins games all by themselves.

Riders - I'm tempted to take the Esks but not just yet, they almost blew it against the Bombers back ups.

Argos - Again, forget who their qb is, their defence and special teams win games like this for them.

so far these are very accurate

one of my right picks wasn't added in for some reason, that win would have put me in the playoffs.

I even said something in the thread and I was ignored.


yeah it for 05...

It was probably the fact that you have gotten your picks in late or you edited your original post.. both are no-nos if you read the rules. My guess is that you made the mistake, not BigDave.

Bigdave make a mistake no way!

Actually 05 , I looked back and found that BlueBombers actually missed a week of picks. No fault but his own. He says no one addressed it , but Dave did address his problem, even provided the thread to prove it.