Fourth week winners and Losers.

Now we are coming up to the fourth week what is your predictions for this weeks games.

Here are my picks:
Winnipeg at Montreal - The Bombers Montreal is still not there yet and the bombers are ticked for losing to Edmonton.

Hamilton vs BC If there ever was achance for an upset this is the one. Third string QB playing in the game just might be enough for the Tiger Cats to beat the best team in the league. Long shot but Tiger Cats win over the cat fight.

Riders vs Eskimos- The Eskimos are starting roll along. Looked very good against the Bombers who now are more respectable (yes dad and piggy I said it) The Riders could be ticked for that Stampeder performance they put on but can they rally back. No the Eskimos in a close game.

Toronto vs Calgary This game is a mystery to me because really are the Stamps ever going to play a football game. I say the losing continues Argos win this one.

red.......say it aint so!

Montreal vs. Winnipeg: Home field advantage, take the Als in a close one

Hamilton vs. BC; redwhite I like your reasoning, so go with the Cats, who should have won their last game so if they can cure the brain cramps and the dumb penalties at crucial times, they may catch BC napping

Saskatchewan vs. Edmonton; hard for me to predict this one, so I'll cop out and take homefield advantage again; Edmonton in a close one.

Calgary vs. Toronto. Toronto going with an untested QB in McMahon; Calgary is at home and must be smarting after two consecutive embarrasing losses. I'll take the Stampeders. Funny, the only game they've won this year is the home opener when Mrs. MadJack and I were in attendance, celebrating our anniversary with a weekend trip to Calgary.......maybe the team should pay us to fly us back there again!

My picks are;

Winnipeg @ Montreal- I agree 05, the Als were lucky to win in Hamilton and are playing a much better team. Winnipeg by 7

Hamilton @ BC-- Hamilton beat themselves last week ,but the BC defence is too strong, easy win for the Lions. BC by 14

Sakatchewan @ Edmonton-- I picked the Riders, their defence did play well, BC scored 38 pts off of turnovers. If the offence doesnt turn over the ball, Riders will win. Saskatchewan by 3

Tornoto @ Calgary- I think Toronto will win, but the Stamps will play better than the past 2 games, it will be close. Toronto by 3

Eskylo I would like to say they will win but I do not think the way this team is playing they will sanp out of this quickly. They may prove me wrong but I just do not feel after getting blown out two times in a row is a quick easy fix.



Saskatchewan (<<< Warning: EXTREME BIAS)


Good picks there Mad Jack and hope you are right with your picks.

Love that warning and do not blame you! :lol: :lol:

Here are my picks:
Winnipeg at Montreal - Bombers win. I think by 15. Milt breaks the record despite it being an away game.

Hamilton vs BC - This is a scary game for BC no doubt. Anyone who says it isnt needs to sit back, take a deep breath and think about this. I mean, with DD and Buck Pierce both out (I think), Hamilton has a chance albeit a very slight one. Honestly, prior to that dismal Rider game, BC wasnt playing the greatest football, so I see a possible upset. I think it will either be a really high scoring game, or a very low scoring one, nothing in between. Ill take Hamilton.

Riders vs Eskimos - Riders by 10. First game against the Riders for Omarr Morgan. He will be on his A-Game Im sure, so the Riders should be prepared. I think despite Saskatchewan's D, this will be a shootout. If I was doing Sport Select, I'd pick the over.

Toronto vs Calgary - This is a tough game to pick. If Calgary can force a few turnovers on defence they will win. If Calgary plays like total crap yet again, they will lose. Toronto is decent, but not great. I guess I'm trying to say if Calgary shows up, they will win. If they dont, then Toronto wins, and my Riders are better off... lol

Good pick jman we will see what happens but you pick them well buddy!

Yeah? You think I'm pretty good at picking them?

What I think does not matter right according to Mikejt and Arius so what the heck I will go on a limb and say yes you bet you know how to pick them.

Well now that you brought those two into it, I dont know if you are being sarcastic or not lol.

Winnipeg @ Montreal: I also agree that the Als squeaked out a win in Steel Town, but I think they will play better at home after working hard this week, realizing how lucky they were. Stegal will break the record but the Bombers will lose anyway. Als by 3.

Hamilton @ BC: There is just no way that BC will lose. Hamilton will play well however and may even score a TD or two. They will still lose however as their defence just won't be able handle the Lions' offense even with the number three pivot. Lions by 12.

Sakatchewan @ Edmonton: A big crowd in Edmonton will boost the starting-to-gell Esks past the questionable Riders, but it will be very very close. Esks by 3. Game of the week :wink:

Toronto @ Calgary: The Argos depth will outclass the struggling Stamps. It won't even be close. Calgary is in turmoil and it will show badly. Argos by 9.

I have a horrible record at picking winners. So you would probably do well to go with opposite of my picks.

I pick BC to win.

What about the other games?

Interesting. I'll give it a whirl.

Winnipeg at Montreal - Montreal hasn't had this bad a start in what, a decade? I think they'll start to straighten themselves out, and I'm not completely sold on Winnipeg yet.

Hamilton vs BC - Isn't this a no-brainer? True, the Cats did show signs of improvement, but I doubt they get this upset. Besides, from what I remember from looking at the stats this morning, they're 0-4 against the Lions.

Riders vs Eskimos - I'm taking the Eskimos (and not just because I'm a fan). The Riders got romped last week because their offence was playing like garbage. I think it'll take them at least another week before they can regroup.

Toronto vs Calgary - Yes, I'm taking Calgary, even though they've had their asses handed to them for two straight weeks. I think they regroup this week. It won't be pretty, of course, but they're at home, and they're playing against a QB who doesn't have a lot of experience in the CFL (provided he's not replaced by Allen early on; otherwise it could be a totally different game).

Just want to let everyone know that I'm not taking VGCC picks from this thread.

Sorry bigdave but many posters do not participate so this was for their benefit.