Fournier Harpooned By Eskimos

Drew is reporting Tillman acquired Fournier off our PR. Last week the blue team tried to steal our second pick from this year’s draft. I thought there was a gentlemen’s agreement amongst GMs to leave other team’s PR players alone?

Well, I think the Ezra Landry plucking off the Esks practice roster by Jim Popp in 2004 effectively ended the gentlemen's agreement. The PR protection rules make it harder to "harpoon" than it looks, especially when the harpoonee wants to protect the player.

Oski Wee Wee,


Dammit!! I am not happy about this. A certain Eskimo fan I know and love is really going to hear it about this lol

In 2006, things got formalized:

From ... f4a88210a7 :

"The development roster grows by one spot, to seven, and swells temporarily by five more spots in late summer, when NFL cuts are made. Rules governing the claims of players on this roster have now been formalized. Previously, a gentleman's agreement governed the procedure..."

"- The practice roster will be renamed the "development roster" and be increased from six to seven. The additional spot will go to a Canadian player. The five remaining spots can be used as a club sees fit. Players on the development roster can still be claimed by rival clubs, but they must be added to the active roster for a minimum of two games. The originating team still has seven days to prevent the claim, either by trading the player or adding him to its active roster."

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The team could have stopped his departure, if they chose to, as was done in the Argo attempt to "Steele" from the Cats' PR.
Fournier dressed for 7 games as a ST'er and backup to D. Brown when Schmidt was hurt. Touched the ball once -- when a shorter than norm kickoff came his way. He's also credited with 2 ST tackles. That's all and, with Schmidt now back, and having surpassed Brown as the starter, they obviously didn't see him as worth protecting.

The coaching staff is using the FB position as a TE with Schmidt and Brown. Fournier is a prototypical FB thus didn’t fit the new mold. The painful thing is on short critical yardage plays we could use a FB or at least more creative playcalling.

I agree with you, but obviously the coaches don't and that's why he wasn't protected and we lost him.

The Eskimos' interest explained:

[url=] ... 82586.html[/url]

A flaw in that article: Fournier didn't spend the entire season on the PR. Don't journalists fact check anymore?

Yipee, we get to use another high pick to draft a FB as a 3 year development project so someone else can punk him.

Teams have every right to grab guys off others teams PR. The only stipulation is that the player must be added to the active roster.

I think it's good move to have adopted this agreement. After least somebody on the PR has a chance at more than just his own team to play for!

Unless that Eskimo fan made the transaction himself what you say makes no sense.

He didn't have to make the transaction himself for me to bug him that his team stole our player. Doesn't have to make sense.