Four Western teams in semifinals tomorrow

This has to be the worst case senario for the CFL with four Western teams competing in the CFL semis tomorrow.
I have no interest what so ever in watching the Esks and Bummers,none.
The other real Western semi has some interest from Sask ,go Lions!
I long for the days in the CFL when the East was East and we got to see a real Eastern playoff series regardless of our season point totals .
It's how you play at the end of the season after all.I don't give a rats butt about the West ,this trucks !

trucks to be you

Absolutely brutal having these games on a Saturday. I'll be missing the Eastern Final to take my kids to the Santa Claus Parade next weekend. Thanks CFL and TSN. Just great. :roll:

santa parade in early Nov is assinine. Who ever is responsible should be tarred and feathered.

Also, anyone not watching a game because of who is in it is not a true CFL fan and not worth the time of day from a CFL fan perspective.

Santa Claus parade next weekend? That's way too soon. Americans who won't even be having their Thanksgiving turkeys until the 27th.

If it's CFL football, I'll watch. If I can't watch it, I'll record it. Yeah, 4 Western teams is a bit odd but whose fault is that? Blame the Argos and Cats for fielding such lousy teams, that they can't make the playoffs.

An Argo-Cat fan

How did enjoying the Eastern and Western playoffs with traditional geographic representation get to be a measure of whether one is a “true” fan? Is there a definition of what a “true” fan is somewhere? And why is it necessary to adopt your definition to be a worthwhile person, “from a CFL fan perspective”? Are you the arbiter of the CFL “fan perspective”?

OK, sure. Whatever you say.

I'm a true CFL fan and die hard Ti-Cats fan. I don't think I will watch the Bombers and Esks.

But, to say i'm not a true fan....give me a break

I was living in the west when Winnipeg joined the East Division in '87. There was no end to the yapping about how the Grey Cup would finally become a "true" championship game. To everyone's surprise, it took a whole year before Winnipeg finally advanced to the Grey Cup game and won it as an Eastern team in '88. :wink:

To this day, I hate the Bombers almost as much as I hate the Blue team. Almost.

Actually, I'm sure at my parents' house there is still an art project I did in elementary school with a Ticat logo in the middle (cut and pasted from a banner), with hand-rendered Eskimo and Bomber logos on either side with three jagged claw slashes through the offending logos to reveal red construction paper underneath. Ah, childhood. :wink:

you may be a true ticat fan, but not IMO a true CFL fan, if, and I repeat if, you choose not to watch only because of what teams are playing, or not playing.

That's BS,the point is there is no Eastern Semifinal.
No team from our Province.
No interest comes from frustration ,I'll watch the two Western Semifinals.

Its not often i completely agree with you... but i do.

I'll be watching both games tomorrow because im a diehard CFL fan and ive watched 20 weeks of football leading up to this.

Same here.
I'd prefer if the games were on Sunday because I like to watch college football all day Saturday, and I pay extra for Bell's NCAA package so I like to get my money's worth, but oh well, that's what picture in picture is for.

Good post Barney, but I must confess, November 1st, the very first day after Halloween, one of the mall stores had their Christmas decorations up.


Regardless of whose playing who.....I'll be watching. And rooting for the Esks cause I hate the Bombers probably as much as I hate the Argos.

Then next week the Als can beat the Esks.