Four storylines to watch in the 110th Grey Cup

There hasn’t been a Grey Cup in the last four seasons that the Winnipeg Blue Bombers haven’t been a part of.

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Well Kristina, times certainly have been good for all of us who bleed Blue and Gold and its an amazing feat just making it to 4 straight Grey Cups with the chance of winning 3 of them. Very special indeed, especially in this era in pro sports but remember this… for 29 long long long years we went, every year believing that this was the year only to have our hearts broken, again. So even though it may sound selfish in hoping for even more Grey Cup Championships, I for one, will never take another for granted as here in the Peg, we know all to well what its like to wonder if we’ll ever see one again. Go Big Blue :slight_smile:


Well said… I saw my first bomber game in 1958 and have been a true Blue fan ever since… Win or lose on Sunday it certainly is a team to be proud of, I especially love their humble but confident attitude, their team first mentality and dedication to each other and the community… let’s keep this thing going :blue_heart::yellow_heart::football:


I saw my first Bomber game in 1978 at 9 years old vs Edmonton, been a die hard Bombers fan ever since.


We sure had some lean years, especially during the 70s and the Warren Moon days… I was living in Edmonton at the time and was there for every West final where we lost… I was still living there in 84 though when we beat the crap out of Hamilton for the Grey cup… Cold as hell at the game, but the win sure warmed us up!

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I remember those west finals we lost in the early 80’s, heartbreaking. The ‘84 Grey Cup was worth the wait.


I’ve read all of the letters from various players on this Bomber team this year (too many to name) on the Bomber website. Each story was heartwarming and speaks to the character of each player, and the character of this team. Each player spoke of how they see themselves in a family. Tightnit, supportive, and oh so close to each other. This is a winning team created by O’Shea, Walters, and Miller. All former CANADIAN players who excelled in our league. They have created a culture that every other team is trying desperately to replicate.
As a Bomber fan for 56 years, suffering through those tough 30 years; win or lose, I am deeply impressed and proud of these men who have worked so hard, love our city, and enjoy the company of their fellow players. GO BLUE!!