Four Riders, including Dean, suffer Achilles injuries ahead of camp

REGINA — Just days before training camp was officially set to begin, a devastating injury bug has hit the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

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Ouch. To bad

That sucks but tough to feel bad for the green roughriders

Ive seen the stamps lose every member of import receiving corp. defensive line and offensive line in seasons past and still win. We will see if rider management is worth it's salt now

I feel terrible for these players. After all this time waiting and to get taken out doing some individual drills before main camp. Likely all out for the year or the better part of it. You have to wonder if Dean and Bishop will even make it back next year.


Good point. Careers are short & it would be a shame if this was career ending for Bishop III & Dean. Never like to see this happen.

Wow . The Riders are off to a devastating start already to their 2021 campaign .
Unbelievably the team lost not one but four players to Achilles Injuries in warmups on Thursday at Mosaic . Two of them are prized FA acquisitions and projected starters Larry Dean and Freddie Bishop . The team also lost number #1 draft pick (2nd overall) Nelson Lokombo as well as rookie Jonathan Femi-Cole .

More here . If you're a Rider fan read it and weep . If you are a fan of another team ?don't gloat ....your team might be next .

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This will hurt. Depth on defence just took a hit.

A couple big losses but they should be fine.

Look for Idowu to be a star.

Four Achilles injuries at once is crazy. They can be nasty to recover from, even season ending. I doubt many in this forum would have to beat the best to be the best.

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Wonder if the Riders plan on releasing all 4 players instead of putting them on the injured list. That way, they would not have to pay their salaries. A CFL team certainly has the right to let just-injured players go in the off-season/pre-season as this stuff happens regularly.

I imagine Dean and Bishop have some guaranteed money built in to their contract anyway

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no doubt it could be harder for the two players in there 30's to make a full recovery and come back but may be possible

Counting Kelly in Edmonton this makes 5 players and the training camp hasn't officially begun. I suspect a number more across the league will fall before the shortened reguliar season begins because the players didn't continue their workouts during the extended off season. The body needs gradual buildup warmups over a period before giving it all ! And that period is longer for those who did little (or nothing) over the off season. It is horrible to see good players lose their spot after waiting this long.

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Don't know the rules here or if they apply. They were hurt IN Mosiac IN training & apparently everything was above board. I don't know how the Riders get around the responsibility of paying them as injured players. It's not like they snuck in at night as a group & did this behind everyone's back.


i know for a fact a handful of players in ontario did continue workouts but can't comment on the others i know some ontario born ticats have been working with strength coach ike brown for a month or more now

i think things would be different if it wasn't veterans and two draft picks that got injured and will miss significant time . i know other teams have released players they originally signed for practice roster before after they got injured.

Here's the statement from the CFLPA. Given the same type of injury by six players, and who knows who else to come over the weekend, I'm inclined to believe the view you shared above though no doubt that turf in Regina is being inspected more closely.