Four players fined following Week 11 action; additional fine announced from Week 10

TORONTO — The CFL announced on Wednesday that four players were fined after Week 11 action.

BC Lions defensive lineman Josh Banks was fined for a blindside block on Calgary Stampeders offensive lineman Nila Kasitati.

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All the fines leveled on the same two teams (BC & Calgary). So is that the ony game reviewed after the conclusion of the game??? It's like they draw the game out of a hat from all played during the week then examine each and every play of just that unlucky game drawn to gain revenue !

When you have not clue of what you speak of you should remain silent.

Your Post “When you have not clue of what you speak of you should remain silent”

I suspect you meant to say “When you have no clue of what you speak of you should remain silent”

So if you can’t write in proper English you should NOT post on an English site !

The C.F.L., during the Randy Ambrosie Era, has been guilty of micro managing the game to death.
Endless penalties. Automatic reviews after ALL touchdowns, Field goals and turnovers.
More and more injury delays, which are really just stalling tactics and of course, the dreaded challenges and timeouts.
Fans of the CFL USED TO be able to say that our brand is more exciting and was quicker paced than the NFL was, but not anymore. Games are seldom under three hours long.
In the quest to "get it right" the games have mostly become monotonous. Sad but true.
Ambrosie should be fired.
Maybe Mark Cohon could be enticed to return as Commissioner?

The discipline process is a joke. How could the spear on an injured Andrew Harris in the end zone not merit supplementary discipline? The whole process is also useless if it is not transparent. Mystery fines and suspensions (a la the PGA Tour) have little impact and do not make the deciders accountable for their level of punishment. Kangaroo Court! :kangaroo: :man_judge:

you still know "not what you speak of"

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You do realize that Ambrosie has his hands tied by the board of governors(the owners) AND the players association on how and what he can do for fines and discipline.