Four new Alouettes

Le vice-président et directeur général Jim Popp a annoncé aujourd’hui la mise sous contrat de quatre nouveaux joueurs. Le quart Josh Harris, le demi Larry Croom, le receveur Nate Morton et le demi défensif Jay Staggs ont tous signé des contrats avec les Alouettes.

Montreal Alouettes’ Vice President and General Manager Jim Popp announced today the signings of four new players: quarterback Josh Harris, running back Larry Croom, receiver Nate Morton and defensive back Jay Staggs.

I don't the other three, but I am excited abou the addition of Josh Harris; he looked to me like a real prototypical CFL QB when he played in Calgary a few seasons' back. Good signing.

wow you guys have a lot of QB's

Calvillo, Brady, Banks, Proctor, and now Harris. That's 5; not a lot, seems to me to be rather normal heading into training camp.

We don't even know if Calvillo will be at camp... Right now the number is 4

Some people might remember Josh Harris' father. M.L. Harris a tight end sized WR with the Argos back when...well when Josh was a little guy I guess. 70's ?

josh harris played at bowling green in the MAC, was drafted by baltimore ravens. I did not know he has played in the CFL for Calgary. A good choice, he has talent.

Yes, tommy, it was a couple of seasons ago.....he was behind Burris, Gesser and Wimprine on the depth chart, but got to play in I think one game, when both Burris and Gesser were injured. Wimprine started, stunk, and in came Harris....looked darned impressive to me.

This kid has awesome hands and a great arm. He was originally recruited as a QB and has a cannon but grew into the body of a WR. Because of his speed, Wake moved him and he's been there ever since. As a WR, he had a career passer rating of over 400 (yes 400) at Wake Forest. From the WR spot, he threw for TD's in each of his last 3 seasons. As a receiver caught over 80% of all balls thrown to him to become the first player since Ricky Prohl to lead them in receiving 3 consecutive years. Most recently, he caught Wake Forest's only TD pass in last year's Orange Bowl.

As for the Rams, the reason he didn't make the Rams squad was simple. They ended up with more big body types than they needed and decided to go with experience.

We've all been around people who just have a knack of making big things happen. Morton has always been that person. He's at true 6'3" 210-215 with huge hands. He scored a 1400 on the SAT and is a naturally smart kid. He's coachable, loves to play and works tirelessly.

You guys got a great pick up.

I am not sure if the Als brought him in as a QB or a Receiver but I'm thrilled at this signing. Everything I have read about him is A1. From athletics, smarts, heart and attitude. It is always tough to grasp the Canadian game in a four week camp but I am rooting for him.

They brought him in as a WR. He hasn't played QB at all at the college level. He passed off of orbit type WR plays. Threw for TD's against Miami, Clemson and NC State off of WR passes. The kid can literally throw it 70 yards on a string. Strongest arm on Wake's team the entire 5 years he was there. Always had to respect his arm when he came running around the end or on a reverse.

I know the family. Apparently he's signed a 2 year deal. So it looks like he'll have longer than four weeks to learn the Canadian game. He'll be a good one for you guys. He's a great player and an even better person.

I was refering to Josh Harris.

Als rookie contracts are standard 1+1 option but are not guaranteed, so Nate has to earn his spot every week. Vets with over five years service have to be paid for the entire season if they are released after the mid point of the season.

Do you know who in the organisation recruited Nate?


 I am pretty sure croom has 2-3 years with the arizona cardinals as a running back and kick returner.  

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This reminds me of the defense back in the NFL who was provided a chance by Ottawa to try his hand at QB-Kerry Joseph.