Four games remaining

If the Riders want to host a home game, they need to win their 2 home games against BC and Calgary. At the very least they should win these 2 games and I expect them to win them. If they can also win in Hamilton, then first is theirs. Dropping 2 games to Calgary would be a worst case senario and would likely see the Riders battle BC for 2nd.

Deadline for season holders to secure their playoff tickets is Oct 16. I am optimistic that the Riders will be hosting a playoff game and I have my playoff tickets

Go Riders

No team comes close to the Al's for playing like the complete package, but I feel the Riders are a solid second for all-round team cohesiveness.

Biggest improvement goes out to KM for letting DD mature into a fine starter.

Odds are in our favour for a home play-off game, my only concerns are health of the O-line and whether LaPolice can keep aggressive and creative with the play book

nobody is really firing on all cylinders outside of Montreal. I really have no idea if we will finish first in the West or last. neither would surprise me.

can you imagine finishing 1st and one game away from the big game! that would be awesome, Riders would be in a good spot in 1st right now if they did not lose those games they should have won this year, every time they have the chance to improve there position they always blow it, i expect nothing to change :frowning:

It is all about who gets hot down the stretch. When you look at Montreal, they are so dominant is not even funny but by the time the playoffs roll around they wouldn't have played a meaningful game in 5 or 6 weeks. Now that really shouldn't make a difference but it does. When you don't have to battle for 60 minutes it is human nature to sit back on your heels a bit..hence why their Grey Cup record is less than impressive in the last few years. It would be nice to get that 1st spot however any team that would face us for the WF is more than capable of beating us. Not to mention we have not been all that good on our own turf this year which is odd to say the least.

I'm not sure how much Edmonton has left in the tank. We will see Friday...BC is hot and if Buck can stay healthy, they just might be the best team in the west. However if Winnipeg beats them then are they for real? Calgary is one team I'm not sure about. Again, I think saturday will paint a good picture. If the stamps can stick together and play well and get a win then they have a great shot but if they go into a tail spin at home then I am not sure how they will rebound but who knows. This season has been off the wall all year, which is not a bad thing per say. Maybe a few more heart attacks and heads exploding trying to watch games and figure out the identity for every team(except Montreal)....I can't wait for this weekend's games!

GO RIDERS!! :thup: :rockin:

It seems that BC has taken care of their run D so it'll be interesting to see if Winnipeg can beat them through the air.

As for the Riders and Stamps, it's a measuring stick for both teams. Here's to hoping that Hank tanks and Darian plays the stud.

well.. Im optimistic that the Stamps will choke again.. Burris will continue his slide and the Riders will capitalize!

just think we win, they have to out win us! so that means they must have 10 to our 9 or 11 to our 10

Will you never learn? I demand that you edit that post to pick Calgary as the winner!

Calgary dude needs to give his head a shake, we're taking first and the cup and running the table, so no one in the west can catch us. But, we'll never catch Montreal in the standings, however, we will beat them in the Grey Cup! :rockin:

he is saying that cause every time cflisthebest picks the riders to win we lose and everytime he picks the opposer we win my opinion is to stop picking all together

I believe that we should beat the stamps hands down if and only if we play our game but for the full 4qtrs
we don't in my opinion have to score on every drive tho that would be nice just keep calgary and henry on a very short leash and they will implode themselves
A qb thats outa rythm bigtime and squabbles in the locker room with guys blaming one another well no its not shovels but its trust and when that goes sideways can you fix these problems in a week IMO :thdn: :oops:
so with that GO HARD BIG GREEN MACHINE and show em whos DA boss :thup: :rockin: :smiley:

what are you talking about? i've been quite successful lately!

really??? I must have not been paying attention

obviously not..

If the 'Riders beat Calgary in Calgary on Saturday afternoon, the 'Riders will host the western final.

If they lose to Calgary in Calgary, then anything is possible including ending up fourth in the west and then hoping for a cross over.

Edmonton is right now very unpredictable and BC looks like they are improving. And if Calgary wins tomorrow, which will decide the series in event of a tie in the standings with the 'Riders, then anything is possible.

The 'Riders are only one or two injuries shy of a blown season now that their best player Dressler is done and Boreham who is more valuable than many give him credit for is done. One more injury on the o'line, and any of the starting dbs being injured will be very bad news for the 'Riders.

Some may argue that the 'Riders could survive any injury except to Darian Durant. I am not certain. I think Jyles could step in nicely if that happens (and I am probably alone in that thinking... there is a real "Jyles hating mentality" in Riderville which I do not fully undertand).

If the 'Riders beat Calgary in Calgary on Saturday afternoon, the 'Riders will host the western final.

If they lose to Calgary in Calgary, then anything is possible including ending up fourth in the west and then hoping for a cross over.

So if they tie then what
They still control their own destiny anyway
Go riders