Four games in four days? No problem!

Hello, to all CFL fans:

Hope everyone is well. Just posting a quick message to let folks know about our ‘CFL road-trip’. Myself, my brother, and our friend Stephen have made arrangements to attend all four games in week 7 of the CFL schedule. We are in Edmonton for the Stamps vs Eskimos game tonight. We will be flying to each of the other three cities to catch the rest of the games this week too. I’m looking forward to hanging out at the different stadiums prior to kick-off! If people are interested they can follow our trip by checking out our ‘official’ blog:

You can also follow us on Twitter (@cflweekend)

We have uploaded a couple short posts already and hope to add more content as the trip goes along. If anyone has tips or suggestions to make our trip more interesting let us know. If there is anything that other fans are interested in knowing (best cheeseburger served at a stadium? best game-day coverage in local paper? most athletic cheer team?) don’t be shy to post a reply. Have a great day. Go, Riders!

Good Luck - I think you may need it. How will we be able to identify you guys in the stands? You should notify TSN of your journey as they might want to document some of it as they are quite heavy on the promotion for this 4 games - 4 days thing.

Nice work guys. There were some guys that did this last year too. Not a bad little road trip!

Same dudes.

Ha! Guess I should've checked their website first!

1Would love to try this next year, you guys started something awesome

Where are you sittin' for the Riders V Ti-Cats?

Let me know.

That's Lions vs. Cats tonight isn't it?

Sorry..uuuu...Lions/Argos, it's almost 3 am.

...right on guys, you made the front page!!...good for you!...

I wonder if the CFL will do this with the schedule regularly now. That'd be pretty cool. I wouldn't mind doing it, but I imagine it'd cost a pretty penny.

We are sitting in Sec 203, Row 16, Seats 13 thru 18

(Some friends / family are joining us for the game in Regina.)

Section 203??

We don't have section you sure you're at the right Stadium?

The game's in Regina.

I knew SOMEBODY was at the wroing

You’re right. As glad as I am to have done this twice, I don’t like spending more on flights than tickets.

To fix that, we’re asking the league to schedule an ALL PRAIRIE Ultimate CFL Weekend in 2010. Imagine four games in four days in Edmonton, Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg! Prairie fans could go by the bus-load, and others could join with just one flight to the Prairies and one flight back – WAY cheaper, and probably even more fun.

We put up a poll on the trip blog where you can vote to say whether or not you’d do the all-Prairie trip. Let us know if you’d be in! We’ll tell the league what kind of response we get.