Four ex-TiCats who never should have been let go.

D.J. Flick: 7 touchdowns
Kamau Peterson: 5 touchdowns

Entire TiCat receiving corps(e): 10 touchdowns

Jason Goss: 3 interceptions
Airabin Justin: 2 interceptions

Entire TiCat secondary: 2 interceptions

None of these guys were good enough when they played for us but when they go to another team they become all-stars and the guys we get to replace them still stink! What the hell is going on!

They're playing on better teams

goss wanted out, he didnt like marcel and wanted to play on the west coast to be close to zona.

justin had disagreement with the coaching staff.

flick and wayne smith were big mistake. Smith and richie williams made a nice appalachian state connection.

also kamau "incompleterson" peterson didnt do himself any favours here, he should have dominated here but didnt,

I also dont like the way terry vaughn left here, he missed the playoffs for the first time in his career, and didnt get 1000 yards receiving, this guy deserved better, he even called out brett ralph in a column, terry vaughn was the chief, but the other WRs didnt wanna be the indians to follow his lead.

Baloney! Goss and Peterson play for Edmonton which at 3-6-1 is the 2nd worst team in the league after Hamilton!

edmonton is worse than us, their record is better due to some fluky games, but definitely if we played edmonton on a neutral site right now with printers, we would beat them and beat them harder, we would beat them harder than a drunk man beats his kids.

Smith and Flick...agreed.
Goss took his ball and went home.
Justin wasn't good.
Peterson... consistently inconsistent. We needed an upgrade there and I think we've achieved it. (Canadian wideout).

Others...Dan Comiskey.

Someone needs to find out why good players keep "wanting out" and are having "disagreements" with the coaching staff. There is a cancer on the team somewhere that needs to be cut out. Zeke Moreno just had a very public disagreement with the coaching staff, will they trade or release him now? This revolving-door policy on players has to stop!

Actually Flick caught another TD pass today so he now has 8 TD's.

And I agree, he never should have been traded. Who did we get for him again???

Must agree with "Bleacher Bum" on this last comment.

A lot of "moves" get happening from the silly coaches we keep hiring (LIKE THAT WAS JUST PITIFUL!) Zeke miked up and demanding a play be sent in and the so-called "coach" unable to do so, and us all blaming the players to "execute"

Okay, I will just bottle that one, but, aside from our generally useless coaching that the players could get just a mite upset with, there is a salary cap, and a number of tem may have been asking more tan the team could pay, if it was going to step ahead...and Bob is a responsible owner that doesn't want to exceed the cap, and Marcel is a pretty canny GM that has te dollars in the pocket to hire CP in mid season...

I think we need to work on "coaching", as a lot of these guys can and will succeed, either here or elsewhere, as the original writer suggests, with good reason....


Wrong. Goss was already gone well before Marcel's arrival. He had other issues. It had nothing to do with wanting to be close to Arizona.

Good enough.

And now Mr Goss is in Edmonton, and a sure contender for a Grey Cup Ring...

Some guys are just not going to be "team" guys, no matter how good they look (which is another reason why GM's trade them, or otherwise don't keep them around...)

(scratches head)

So how is that Baloney? You just backed me up by pointing out that Edmonton is better than Hamilton right now.

So correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that mean that they are indeed playing on a better team?

I know it's a technicality, but CaptainKirk was not making an innacurate statement.

I guess I should’ve read this first.


I still don't understand why we moved Flick.
Everyone keeps riding our receivers, but I stand by my prediction that they will mysteriously be able to catch and run their routes properly now that Maas is gone.
They certainly looked better when Williams was the QB, and now with Printers...

Predscoachbrew wrote

Everyone keeps riding our receivers, but I stand by my prediction that they will mysteriously be able to catch and run their routes properly now that Maas is gone.
Absolutely agree,

I think we have some really good receivers Bauman, Ralph, Armstead. And the way Curry was ripping it up against the Argos.
I`ve always thought once we get a Qb with an arm, we would be fine.

Flick leaving was a financial issue, not a football reason.
He was going to be cut, but was instead a throw in to Sask for our since released 4th string QB.

AHHHHHH Right and Wrong....

Goss asked for and was granted his unpaid leave last year, to deal with serious personal health problems back home!

Back in February of this year he discussed comming back to play but ASKED to be traded out west. Marcel accomodated him and got something for him!

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