Found This will reading Perry Lefko CFL Report on Sports Net

I was Reading The Comments left on Perry Lefko September 06, 2007 Coll-um Hammer time!

About Casey Signing here When I Saw this :

Im a huge Chiefs fan..take him. He'll probably be good in your mickey mouse league, but he has no place on even the worst quarterbacked team in the real football league!Hamilton is a good place for you!
Posted by: BGIANT | 4:32 PM, Saturday September 8, 2007

NFL Fans :lol:
They really need to understand our game to make a Comment on it ..
That what pisses me off about the Avg NFL Fan.
They need to be Educated to our Game 1st
The No Fun League is really just a Different Game.
If NFL Fans Could learn to approached our game
Like we do their game
This world world would be a Better place.

Well the Chiefs sure look good without him this year...

LOL ya ..Look at The Quaterbacks They Kept :

11 Huard, Damon QB
6-3 218 07/09/73 11
Washington Yakima, WA FA-04

12 Croyle, Brodie QB
6-2 206 02/06/83 2 A
labama Rainbow City, AL D3-06

4 Thigpen, Tyler QB
6-1 225 04/14/84 R
Coastal Carolina Winnsboro, SC

The Chiefs Face The Bears this week
Who will Steaming mad after loosing to The Chargers in Wk 1.

Their loss is our Gain.

But aren't you bashing the NFL by calling it the No Fun League?

I don't care about opinions that bash either league. I like football.

Quite True that was a Bash at them.

But unlike our NFL Friend I Understand Both Games.
I also Like Both


Don't waste your nice-ness on this NFL idiot.
He needs to pay more attention to the Chiefs who will go nowhere as long as Herman Edwards is their coach.

This guy was probably not a big Chiefs fan but some Canadian trying to get a reaction from CFL fans and it worked.

As for No Fun League - I saw a lot of exciting games this weekend, last play field goals to win games. A few punt and kickoff returns for TDs, missed field goal run back.
Some great long passes for TDs. A lot of fun.

It is common knowledge that the NFL is biased, and somewhat conceited.
I was listening to this week's Chargers/Baltimore game, and 1 of the backs went hurt. The backup was non other than 'Kenton Keith', formerly of Saskatchewan.
The announcer mentioned he came from Saskatchewan of the CFL, and promptly suggested he will get no touches. No sooner had he finished, that the give was to Keith, and he rambled for 7 yards.

  • 'nough said...

The Eagle - - - :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I was listening to this week's Chargers/Baltimore game, and 1 of the backs went hurt. The backup was non other than 'Kenton Keith', formerly of Saskatchewan.
You obvoiusly weren't paying that much attention. 1) Keith is the back-up for the Indianapolis Colts who played on Thursday night. 2) The Chargers played the Bears on Sunday afternoon and 3) the Baltimore Ravens played Cincinnati last night. -(not)'nough said

Where's the Eagle on this one?

But there are no other Football leagues than the NFL.

I had that crammed down my throat from the time I started Kindergarten to the time I left high school.

What do you think I think of the NFL?

wow - sounds like you didn't go to a very good school.
Where I went to school we could read newspapers listen to any radio station(on either side of the border) watch CFL, NFL, soccer.

If the NFL was the only league you were exposed too I assume that you love the NFL!!