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The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced the signing of four Canadians today including receiver Jordan Brescacin, linebacker Patrick Jean-Mary, offensive lineman Jason Medeiros and linebacker Louie Richardson.

Brescacin had a training camp stint with the Tiger-Cats and eight weeks on the practice roster. He was named a first-team OUA All-Star and a CIS All-Canadian with the University of Windsor in 2011 and 2012.

Jean-Mary finished his rookie season on the Ticats practice roster after registering two special teams tackles in two games.

Medeiros earned first-team OUA and CIS All-Canadian honours in his fifth and final season at McMaster this season. He spent eight weeks on the Ticats practice roster in 2012 before helping lead the Marauders to their second consecutive appearance in the Vanier Cup.

Richardson made three special teams tackles in two games during his inaugural season with the Ticats. He signed as a free agent last May after four seasons at Manitoba.

Our receiving corps makes me drool. Unbelievable how much depth we have.

Jordan Brescacin All Canadian REC Windsor

Jason Medeiros All Canadian OLine MAC

Unlike 2 of there highly tau Draft Pics both Brescacin and Medeiros were signed as rookie free agents and impressed enough to spend the summer jobs on the Cats practice roster for 8 weeks before returning for camp for their respective Universities.
Brescacin Austin Kennedy's favorite receiver Windsor and Medeiros the lesser known lineman for MAC could both be around for awhile.

Gosh, The Cats are stockpiling NI Offensive Linemen , I think they have 9 or 10 on the roster already , it makes me wonder if they will pass on Sewell and go in some other direction . A lot depends on what happens the week before in the NFL draft , I guess.

Also a nice stockpile of Canadian Receivers. Vets Stalla and Fantuz to go along with Giguere entering his 6th pro season but just second in the CFL. Charbaneau-Campeau drafted last season was kept on the 46 while Brescacin stuck with the practice roster and back to Windsor for a 5th season. They should be able to carry all five on the 46 man this season so their will be no shortage of quality Canadian Reicevers.
In 2014 Austin can decide whether he will still need Fantuz and that big contract with all of that depth during fantuz option year, my guess would be no especially with the two young Canadians beginning really there third season with the cats. Giguere should be able to stick also. Although his numbers were last among the top 6 rceivers that the Cats played on a regular basis still had about 500 yards and is an excellent special teams player. He is currently the only Canadian that returns kicks full time as well as playing on coverage teams something that he perfeected spending 4 training camps and 3 years on NFL practice rosters

Good news in the signing of all four. I think Charbonneau-Campeau is going to have a real breakout season. He's definitely one to watch. Brescain definitely benefited from spending time in a pro training camp & on the practice roster before returning to school. Great to have him back. Same goes for Medeiros.

I remember at last year's training camp, Louie Richardson was an underdog and long shot to make the team. He himself thought he was going back to Manitoba once final cuts were to be made. All the other LB's were pulling for him to make the squad & were really helping out & mentoring him along. Story goes that when he was called into management's office at the end of training camp, he didn't even hear them say, "We like what we've seen & congratulations Louie, you've made the team." He proceeded to thank them for the opportunity and turned around to walk out the door, then turned back surprised & shocked ... "I made the team? Really? I'm a TiCat?"

Love stories like that. Gotta love long shots like Richardson making the team & contributing.

These aren't big noteworthy headline grabbing signings. But these are the depth and development guys that are the backbone of the team. Solid depth across the non imports & guys developing & staying with the team. That's what makes good teams great.

I would have to agree that the Cats did set themselves up nicely with the moves last year, especially after to of their top picks did not even come to camp. Charbaoneau-Campeau was put into a position able to be on the Roster all season. Bresican also has been put into a position to be on the 46 man this year. Medios is also set up nicely to be groomed into an Olineman back up or starter in the future. It enabled them to trade Rockhill. They have put themselves in a great position with Canadian depth at tradional Oline and ReC positions.

Medierios and Bresican were rookie free agent sigins last year after 3 of there draft picks did not even come to camp returning before returning to University. These two stuck through camp and Practice roster for 8 weeks before a return. Mederios basically alowd th Cats to just trade off Rockhill and Bresican is another good young Canadian REC to go along with Charbaneau Campeau who stuck on the 46 all year after beng drafted.
Both may appear in the starting line up and/or as the 3rd canadian receiver with Fantuz and his cntract being le go in his 2014 optin year and stalla just getting older could get released in favor of Charbnuea Campeu this year