found this line in article

"With the win, the Stamps secure home field advantage in the 2015 Grey Cup Playoffs"

anyone agree with this? If so, maybe you can splain to this dumb clod??

The Als can only win a max of 10 games and BC and 'Peg a max of 9. So Calgary can only finish either first or second. So their first playoff game, whether it be the WDF or WDSF, would be at home.

I think?

right. duh,,I thought they were only talking about first place. sheesh

Well there are basicly two leagues right now.. The champion of the lower league gets the 6th playoff birth.. None of those four teams have any business being in the playoffs,but it makes things alot more interesting
. fighting for a bye week often backfires.

To be fair to FYB, if that is all the article said reference "home field advantage" it is misleading.