Found this in Edmonton Paper

Anyone think the Tabbies still occupy the free space on the CFL bingo card? Think again, with tailback Jesse Lumsden leading the CFL in rushing yards and Zeke Moreno patrolling the middle of the field like a Rottweiler.

At different times, Edmonton has looked brilliant, mediocre, and horrible all within the same game this year. I think the key for the TiCats is to get an early lead and not give up that opening drive TD.

And everything aside... As long as Ricky Ray has the ball... there's a chance that he can do something great.

Ricky Ray is the singlemost dangerous QB in Canadian football when upright and not scrambling for his life. Period.

There isn't a QB with 1:30 left and 80 yards to go for a winning TD that I would choose over Ray. None. If he had the Lions' O-line, he would be LIGHTS OUT. As it is, he's still exciting to watch with what he's got in front of him.

Oski Wee Wee,

Hopefully this week it will be NML!!

LOL that's a given! :wink:

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