Found something we need on this forum

I went to pick up my son from work tonight and popped into Value Village to kill 5 minutes. Sitting there was a pulpit, thats right, a pulpit. We could get it and arrange a get together where everyone gets a turn to preach to the masses. I really had a laugh when I saw it. this is the first thing that came to mind.

Too funny AKT. But will anybody listen? :wink:

I'll be preaching to the choir. I know the other heathen cannot be reached :lol:

Intriguing. Especially that you posted about the finding here. Can I borrow it? lol See my next post. :wink:

Hopefully you had a chance to read my next post before it was deleted. Grrr....

I did. It was spam actually. Your question barely hid that. Your sig line is as far as you can go to solicit hits

Fair enough. Would have been nice to have a little discussion before it was deleted. Not trying to cause problems. Just curious.

Thanks for the response. AKT. I can see where it makes sense, as I don't see 13th man in here soliciting although I think I have seen them in here and their sig. line if I remember, mentions their site.

Just wondering why we would want to mark anything that sincerely promotes our game, with spam - and without any kind of message. Yes perhaps I should go back and read the rules, but I thought I would try this approach.


Hey don't get the mistaken impression I'm a mod, the suicide rate from posters on this site would go thru the roof :lol: :lol: :lol:

:) I didn't. Just appreciated the feedback. I tell ya there are quite a few posts on this site that one could consider either spam, or against the rules, so I guess that was the bottom line. Consdering that bashing that can go on in forums, is what I was adding to the forum all that bad?

I understand though like I said, and now I know a little more from feedback about this post here and elsewhere.

Hmm… a pulpit, I think I probably could figure out how to use it with a little practice. lol
Found it at Value Village, I didn’t realize they held services? Interesting concept though. To funny.

Hmmm..... I'm sensing a challenge here. Time for a "Preach-Off" RevClark? One of us gets to pick the topic and the other the homiletic style. Toss you a coin for choice.... but remember.... I'm a Baptist. We can go for hours (or perhaps just make it seem like it). :smiley:

I've seen you go for hours. They were some of the most interesting classess. Especially when you began discussing the "Sea Kittens."

Can I be the moderator for your little contest? Or am I too biased?


Can we start a thread on where to put the Pulpit??

Probably..... but I'm a little afraid of what side you might actually be on! :slight_smile:

Good one :thup: