Foul Language

I would like to thank the guys in Section 27 row R seats 1 thru 6 for their most expressive language. The children around them got quite the education.

As you can imagine I was quite disgusted by these guys for there constant foul language. I even asked them to watch their language and pointed out the kids around them. This request was ignored.

I spoke to friends at the game who all sat in different sections and we all agree the level of foul language is up this season.

Have people lost respect for those around them. Is this how the majority act/talk at home too?

I'd like see the Ticat marketers start a campaign at the games to remind people to be a little more conscience of their choice of words and their surroungings.

i sit in box e and havent heard any this season. alought im not suprised that there was because alot of people probly tried to drink away the pain of that sad loss on saturday and that could cause this.

tell me about it

There should be a PA announcement to remind some.

There is before the game.

Shouldn't the Customer Assistance Team be responsible for stuff like that?


I was in Section 23 and noticed the same thing as well. That just goes to show that there is no decency anymore and consideration. At the end of the game, my son asked if we can stay around to see the players come in. I can't beleve that a guy told Tad Cody he was a f***in looser and the whole team as well. Shortly after that, he threw the beer cup at one of the players on the Ti-Cats. I pretty much took my son away at that point and mentioned it to security. Ther is NOTHING wrong with enjoying a beer while watching the game. HOWEVER, I don't agree with fans getting drunk and then getting out of control. If people plan on going to the game to get drunk, STAY HOME and swear all you want.

Good point Section 31. There is no need for foul language or drunkenness anywhere in the stadium.
Don't tolerate it. Collect your kids and take them with you to security and report the incident.
Following the pre season game, I was astonished at the language I heard by the drunks in the wash room. There were children in there too.
The men's wash room is a favourite spot for these creeps to be, particularly at half time and at game's end. Security would do well to get a grip on this too so that I don't have to expose my young boys to this kind of behavior.


I don't think they're blind...I think they'd rather be deaf.

It's not the "norm" now Miller! People shouldn't have to put up with it. It's a sporting event, not a construction site (with all apologies to construction workers). When you go to a game, you expect jeering and booing and some name calling, periodically. As a paying customer, I don't have to sit and listen to boorish behaviour, especially with my kids around.

Report this to a Police Officer working the game. I'm sure he or she would start with a polite warning, followed by ejection if the inappropriate behaviour continued.

Ivor Wynne is a City run facility and there are rules of conduct. Good manners are one that should be included. If you wouldn't talk like that in front of your mother, you shouldn't be yelling it in IWS.

There is no need of foul language whether at a sporting event or in church.We have a right to protect our children from the foul mouthed creeps who go to games to drink and start fights.Bob has said before that he wants to promote a family like atmosphere.I don't know what the atmosphere is like in your house Miller91 but most of us are more civilized and want to show the proper respect for one another.



Our children do not need to learn that kind of language from drunken louts who parade as FANS.Bob,please stop this kind of mentality now before the only ones who will attend these games are the drunks.Who I can gaurantee will not make IWS a very wholesome place to bring our families for an outing.

I was there too. That guy was a complete tool. First thing, I highly doubt he could even jog on the spot for a minute or two without going into cardiac arrest. I was going to ask him how he would feel if somebody came to his work and jeered him when he had a bad day.

But then again I highly doubt he even has a job. :?

I agree that no matter how bad the ticats play there is no place for blatant profanity at the stadium.

I am lucky in that my 4 seasons are in 30A and the people around me are the Clark Kent of football fans (mild mannered). The occasional O’SH!7 or damn but on the whole quite family oriented.

I agree there needs to be something done. More effective than just having someone go over to the police or an usher (they don’t get paid enough) would be to have the announcer make an announcment over the PA singling out a specific section and row(s) and then have a couple of the police go and stand near the area to get the point across.

As I grew up I was not allowed to swear in the house around my mother. My kids as well tried to push the envelope at home and were scolded everytime & told how immature it made them sound. There is no real need for it especially in the company of young children as has been quoted at the stadium. If the stern warning from the P/A and a direct warning from the Police don’t work then kick them out. They will either learn to behave or not come to the games anymore and make it nicer for those of us that do.

your another reason why Hamilton is ...well , considered the armpit of Canada. More trailer trash attitude.
I don't expect that language anywhere except a mens changeroom , and even then...

The odd slip (this is bull sh!t) ,etc can be tollerated but it sounded like it was non stop.
I too would have gone to the Police.

You could hear them from four sections away?

asst coach kavis reed is real bad for foul language from where i sit. can even hear him under the dugout