Foucault released

David Foucault a été libéré par les Panthers. @carabins / The Panthers have released David Foucault.

Is he gonna be the next Vaughn Martin? Come and go...

I expect David will be more successful than Martin. DF is only 27, he played CFL style football as recently as 2013, and hasn't had a history of injury problems. VM was older, injury prone, rusty and hadn't played CFL style football since 2008 or even really played at all in three seasons.

I expect he will try to catch on somewhere else, or consider a practice squad position somewhere ... but after two years of mostly practice squad time (a) will their be interest and (b) does he really see a NFL future?

I predict (with absolutely no basis) a late September signing, 2-3 weeks on the roster but not dressed and then see what happens.

Could be a nice solution for the long-term, settle the LT position and allow Ruby to slide to the right.

After the last game, Joey Alfieri called the Offensive Line horrible. He also said the team has no Left Tackle.

Jim Popp should get somebody to spread a rumor about David Foucault so NFL teams are less interested in him. Just kidding...maybe.