Forward progress?

I am having difficulty with forward progress at the one yard line. First off, lets say the offence is second down and goal at the one yard line and the defence goes offside, thus; the ball will not be placed half the distance to the goal line and will remain at the one. Forward progress of the ball is out the window?......................... Any thoughts anyone. This topic may have been discussed before at some point and perhaps I missed it or have forgotten.

the offensive side will get a new set off downs so essentially another 3 cracks at breaking the plain.

Stuff that i think is kind of wonky with penalties is if you are on your own goaline and you get a procedure penalty its a safety so why is it ok for a defensive team to go offside shouldn't it be a automatic touchdown.

MMMMMMMMMMMM… the way it should be, NFL football has forward progress no matter what. Still love the CFL as I am Canadian.

Agree. The CFL is actually 3 downs to make 9 1/2 yards, you have to give a yard so a 1/2 yard should be given, unlike the NFL where you line up right nose to nose, but you have an extra down. Boils down to basically the same really.

Actually it's 3 downs to make 10 yds. The defenders must scrimmage 1 yd away from the ball. The ball cannot be spotted any closer to the goal than the 1 yd line or the defenders would be lining up in their end zone.

absolutely. you can't change these rules.

what rules?

about the ball being at the 1yd line and no closer to the goal than that.

With the ball on the one yard line and no closer regardless of penalties; CFL does rock as I've seen teams with 3 cracks at it and still can't score with the defence at their own goal line one yard from the football. Yea baby. :thup:

See Jarious Jackson's fumble on the goal line in BC's second meeting with Hamilton :lol:
In all fairness though, Mallett did have a TD, and to this day i'm baffled that Buono didn't challenge that.

people say the 1 yard off the ball is a huge advantage for the offence but the way i see it both side have there advantages like in the NFL Oline and Dline engage right away, being a yard away gives the defender the chance to make a move alot easier and on the offence could give u an extra half a second to recover from acting late to the snap.

the only major factor i see is short yardage where it does have a slim advantage to the offence but in all honesty the NFL you can run fall forward gain 3.3 yards a carry and get 1st downs like nothing.. where the CFL u have to get 4-5 yards every play min. to keep drives alive.

me too that was a great game.

Are you sure that is a rule. I can't find any place in the Rule Book where that ruling would be applied?

That safety is an NFL rule. We don't have it, because doing things like that would make the game suck.

( If you're on your own goal line and get a penalty, you back up half the distance to your goal line. A penalty against you from the one yard line carries no yardage penalty ). They have to sack / tackle you in your endzone to force you to give up a safety.

I don't think a procedure penalty (false start in the NFL) or any other pre-snap foul causes a safety in either league. Maybe you're thinking of a penalty in the endzone during the play by the offence (like holding), which I think results in a safety in both leagues.

Artie is correct.

In the NFL a safety is scored by the defence due to an offencive penalty due to holding in the end zone or intentional grounding. It's a great rule, as in both cases obviously the offence acted to avoid what was likely to happen anyway with a tackle or sack in the end zone.

Also no matter how many penalties by the offence in the NFL, the ball is never moved any farther back than with its nose just shy of the plane of the goal line. Of course before that happens due to very little difference that it makes when the ball is already at the half-yard line, a defence will most of the time decline the penalty so that said offence loses a down all the same.

If you want to slam the NFL, at least get the rules right before you do so.

And for the CFL rules on the matter to just have the ball remain on the one yard line, so be it but I guess it would make more sense for the defence to decline the penalty if possible if the ball is on the one yard line if there is no yardage or safety penalty for such infractions? As a new fan I don't know what is normally done in the CFL, but why in their right minds would a defence want the down replayed at the same line of scrimmage by accepting such an offencive penalty to give the offence a do-over?