Anyone else getting gobble gook this afternoon?

Yes, comes and goes. Is it a RedBlack cyber attack?

Good one.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

(They probably have CSIS on their side. Everyone wear their aluminum foil hat, okay?)


Yup I was getting some earlier. Was out for a while and just a few minutes ago checked in only to still have gobbledy gook. Just restarted my computer which so far has solved the problem but we'll see.

Yup here as well, was in the middle of a post around noon and Wham !!! Gobbly Gook :? I'm going to blame Burris on this one.
Why ? because it sounds like something that he would do is all. :lol:

Took a re-start for me this evening.

Yes, lots of gobble gook on the forums, it's those darn Ottawa Hackers at it. They cry for sympathy through Hank the Crank, receive a government grant from Ottawa that we pay for in our taxes so they can hack the CFL site and keep the Cat fans away?

Sounds about right!!

GO CATS GO, It's Log Chopping Time in Ottawa on Saturday!!

Had to use Firefox instead of IE, no problems.

It was happening with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, and even Opera for me...

I wonder if it's a Windows 10 thing?

Was gobbly gook on my lap top with Windows 10 and then I tried on my Samsung Tablet android - the same thing

I think the same, sooner or later the website will be in need of an upgrade of sorts.

Had the gobble gook on my lap top that doesn't have Windows 10 (have heard it can cause problems) and also on my android. Most frustrating is being able to look at comments on one thread and the gook showing up when switching to another thread! Hope that it might be solved now -but won't hold my breath.

Was having the same problem, but now it is ok. Didn't restart or anything. Hopefully it's been resolved. If others were getting the same problem, how were they able to post?

The problem seems to come and go. 4 threads on the topic so far.