Thanks very much to all fans for your understanding regarding the new forums during Grey Cup. experienced unprecedented fan traffic and temporarily moving the forums allowed everything to run well.

By the way, had neary three times more traffic than last years Grey Cup!

Now that Grey Cup is over, forums have moving back to the old server. All the features, team colours and other things you liked about the forums are back.


Excellent job to the techies! And good news about the increased traffic. :smiley:

I missed having the names of the members who were online

Whew...Good, I thought it was only my computer that did that. I keep forgeting to feed the gerbils that turn the wheel that generates power! :wink:

...ah yes, back to the red colour eyes were sore and watery over the blue colour scheme....

glad their back, and thinks its cool that we packed the forums with so much traffic. now just to get all the team avatars.

Great work!

Dust...time to change your "cartoon"..don't you think. :wink:

Alright, i'll put up an old one for the time being :slight_smile: