Forums to-do list - please post your suggestions

...quote function 100% better

How about having the CFL logo at the top link to the website rather than the forums, since the word Home beside already links to the forum home.

Okay, okay, I'll start linking the logos to the main site. Likely make that update this weekend as it takes a bit of code to write.

Thanks Sully. Always bugged me with the old site that there was no link to the site.
Not a big fan of the new site so far but appreciate that you are willing to listen to the users and actually make some changes.

unless I am missing something, I would like to see season totals per player for points, yards from scrimmage and all purpose yards.

Perhaps where you choose offense, defense, or special teams under Category, there could be a forth choice, other, or misc, or something like that.

For some reason, I seem to keep losing my paragraph formatting between typing and posting.

Thanks for asking this...I mentioned this back on page 4 but I guess I wasn't understood.

I have noticed that when inside a topic, there is a jump to that allows to jump to another forum.

However, this jump to doesn't seem to be inside the sub forums so that one can jump from one forum to another

is this on purpose?

I STILL hate this new format.

We need different Font sizes.

We need different Colours.

I still need access to the first 8 pages of the Movie Thread.

Why did you guys fix what wasn't broken?

Found the foe list but it's buried good and you have to search the username to add someone. Can we not have the option we had on the old site where it was as easy as adding a buddy?

Actually it could be made just as easy as the [Add to Buddy List] box that is currently being used.

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but I hate how after you write a message, that instead of it returning to the thread, it sends you to the sub-forum.

Other than that, I like it. I'm happy we didn't have to wait 10 freakin' years for the next upgrade...

I've been working on this bug - it seems to only occur if you use the Quote button to start the post. Will work on this and the logo link today...

Testing the fix for leaving line breaks between lines in a quoted reply...

This should have a space between it and the line above... Edit: It worked!

I believe I've now set Return to topics after posting by default as the default setting for all members.

Thanks Sully for putting the main page logo on the forums, but it doesn't seem to be working for me

How do you send a private message or know you have received one?

Edit: never mind. I see it now.

the logo at the top of the page, appeared, didn't work, disappeared, reappeared, and now, for me, still does not work.
Why is there more than one 'home' button needed for the forums at the top of the page when you are already are in the 'forum' page

Uploading attachments stopped working

All I get is an icon

See below

and now its working