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One particular comment that caught my eye in Sully's announcement that the Off-Topic Forum has been "retired" is:

"The great thing about football is that it's often an amazing spectacle that unites all of us fans, even if we're cheering for opposite sides. I'd like to give that a chance to flower again."

And that is the way it should be. That is the way it is suppose to be. Am I glad to see the Off-Topic forum retired? If I were in Sully's position I would have done the same and perhaps even sooner. In one way I am very glad. I believe both Aerial and Sully summed it up best.

Part of me is sad to see the Off-Topic forum be retired because it was through that site that I made one or two very close contacts. I may even one day meet up with these fellows. I also found some of the topics of considerable interest and for myself quite educational. It went beyond expressing opinions. Some individuals came up with pretty good stuff.

However, when sarcasm, put downs, one upmanship, and sometimes outright personal insults becomes the main menu it can no longer be moderated effectively and it puts moderators in a very difficult position.

When all is said and done, if in the end we have developed a dislike for someone, someone we have never even met because of an exchange of hostile remarks etc. then we have lost sight of what the CfL forums are all about.

Yes, the Off-Topic forum has been retired but just like in pro-sports, some retirees come out of retirement so who knows. Maybe the same thing will happen with the Off-Topics forum. Perhaps it will take on a whole new look. For now, I will miss certain elements of that particular forum. But given the ugly character the forum took on I am quite happy to see it shelved. A smart move by Sully so I tip my hat off to him.

If the children can't be civil while playing in the pool then it is time to blow the whistle and say, " That's it! Everyone out of the pool!"

I do hope the other forums pick up in interest. The Lions forum seems to be on life-support and is not what it used to be a few years ago. Hopefully that will improve.

Beagle, both you and I know that many CFL posters never posted in the off-topic forum. The answer is right there. If you don't want to engage in heavy conversation then don't enter the area. Simple... This is more like a few of the babies who couldn't handle playing with men, ended up whining and complaining and helped get it shut down. Their feelings were hurt and they were offended. We should have a pretty good idea who the whiners were. We've dealt with them for years.....

Instead of dealing with the problem, it's easier to close it down. Run away ! Run away !.... What a joke.

Excellent reads beagle and Dan. The thing is we posters like us, the 3 of us for example can tell each other we are full of shiiiiit on whatever post on whatever topic and remain civil and carry on a discussion thereaftere and continue on, ok we do it with etiquette because, well, we and some others have the capacity to do so :wink: But with other posters that's not possible and that puts sully in a sort of bind. Tough for him don't you think Dan? Would you want to be in his shoes? Ok, I would because he's a smart dude and I wish I had his techy smarts, but I don't, but that's a different discussion. :-*

I think we need to think about sully on this and his perspective on being the coordinator and for all intents and purposes, the controller of these forums. Sully is a person with his own biases and also has an employer that he needs to consider to keep his job. And that's important. And he's important to all of us. He makes this thingy here happen.

Think why some business leaders are leaving Trump over this latest thingy with him not denouncing the white supremist ideiology quick enough. They want out. Well you know if it can be perceived the CFL is promoting certain values not consistent with overall "Canadian values" which at the present are very, very liberal in nature (Justin, get this dope thing done please and quick :-*), guess what? That's a problem Houston for the CFL for advertisers and sponsors and advertisers are important for money and for perception. The CFL losses their sponsors, then it really is a sinking ship, as any business who loses their sponsors especially if they are in the entertainment or any business business.

Maybe the CFL forums are a bit more important, image wise, than what we think. I don't know. :-\

Well let me know when the team forums flood with the overflow posters from the defunct off-topics forum.....AND the other forums get just as bitchy as the off-topics forum.

Dan, it's because I like you and respect you I can say this.

Don't be such an arse. Er I mean don't act like such an arse because I know you aren't one.

Whether or not I agree with shutting down the Off Topic Board - it is a shame the timing of it considering the topics that were being discussed at the time this decision was made.

I don't mind the OT shut down. It's pretty obvious that "debate" was going nowhere.

No dislike for anyone on my part. Only love. Kevy. Aeriel. Dan. Beag. Chestmaster. Dave. Red. Patty. Argo1873. that RO1313 fella that shows up every so often. Sambo. Preist. Paolo. Even slant.
Take er easy fellas. I know deep down you are all good chaps even though we don't see eye to eye a lot of times. It's been fun whipping up some hyperbole to match the insanity going the other way.

Bang on ... YES. I've been saying this for eons.
I belong to many forums that politics and religion are banned topics and those forums run much more congenially.
Maybe some posters will actually get a life now.

I belong to many forums that politics and religion are banned topics and those forums run much more congenially.
Hmmm, so it's possible to belong to many online forums and social media and still have a life I guess hey Liquor? Assuming you still have a life belonging to those many forums and therefore I take it it does consume a fair amount of your time and energy. 8)

sully, this thread might be transforming into some sort of rendition of off-topic threads. Don't lock it, at least for a while, it might get to really become quite interesting. ;D

I'd much rather be an arse than an arse kisser.

Hey Sully just wondering here how you go into Hidden mode on this new forum ?
When you go into and click on Users online you can see where some members are hidden but I can't for the life of me figure out how one gets into Hidden mode . If there is a trick to it can you please enlighten me on how it's done . Also I've noticed that under Action that sometimes it will show in italics "Nothing , or nothing you can see" for certain online members as well as guests . What exactly is that all about ? Does that infer that one is indeed in Hidden mode or does it have to do with something else ?

To set invisible mode:

[ol]- Under the "Hello bobo82" menu in the top-right corner, click Profile.

  • Under Modify Profile, click Account Settings.
  • Find the "Show others my online status" checkbox and uncheck it.
  • Click the Change Profile button at the bottom of the page to save the new setting.[/ol]

The action of "Nothing, or nothing you can see" isn't indicating an invisible user; those folks you just don't see at all. That message shows up when you haven't registered an action in a while so the forum code doesn't know what you're doing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply Sully . If we still had the thumbs up sign in here Iā€™d give you one . ;)Hint,hint :wink:

Right back at ya Beagle ;D

Mercifully and wisely no. West, Sully, and Aerial nailed it with their comments too.
This is not the only forum that's been too affected by the current trend, for that chatter, debate, and banter is just plain everywhere.
Those of you over about 30 or so who remember newspapers might be able to relate better, for all discussions had their place. Even until about 2014 or so I noticed people kept sports to sports and everything else to everything else.
I'm not sure why all that changed, and now no matter where you go to get off that topic there it is again, but enough is enough. I'm all for back to football on this fine forum for the great game that is played in the CFL.
This season we have even some of the best football played in several years and best collection of starting quarterbacks than in years. And let's hope they all can stay healthy too.

This season we have even some of the best football played in several years and best collection of starting quarterbacks than in years. And let's hope they all can stay healthy too.
Well said Paolo!

Actually I was just thinking that for an "off topic" section, what could be provided is for people to provide links ONLY to web sites that they think are good sites for online discussion of whatever topic. So the online section could have subsections ie. religion, politics, climate change etc. But only links are allowed to given, with maybe a small summary of why the poster thinks such a link would be good for whatever topic, sort of like a book or movie review. Or no summary. Here's an example of a psychology site for example.

I don't know, just a thought. I know for Canadian healthcare discussions, Healthy Debate is excellent, as an example:

But, you get us all in one Stadium and we'd get along great. Could be another Woodstock, all of Hamilton is shut down as we party it down - Grand Funk Railroad 8) Excited about football I figure.