Forums to-do list - please post your suggestions

I agree. When we quote someone, for half a second we can see the old formatting before it switches to this new system. Is it possible to revert back to that old style? That or possibly make the font much larger so we can see the breaks between people quoted more clearly.

They are way to bright, way too much white going on here that it makes it painful on the eyes, especially on a PC.

I don't want to lose the benefits of the WYSIWYG editor, but I have upped the rather small font size of the editor, and added styling to the parts of a post where you're quoting someone else to make it obvious not to type in that area. Let's see how this goes.

Add size and colour.

Fix first 8 pages of Movie Thread.

In the old format, you could log on when posting a reply to a comment.
No longer seems to be the case, unless I am missing something.
Only way seems to be by logging on at the top right.

How about the friend and foe option. There is a buddy list but how do I put someone on ignore?

And how about taking me back to the thread I am posting to instead of kicking me back to the forum list after posting something.

Under your profile under Look and Layout, you can check the box for that option too. I just did, and I agree such should be the default not the opt-in because that's how it was before the site update.

Thanks Paolo.

Hi...I was wondering why I can not get back to the Main Home page from the forums. I click onthe 'Home' icon, but that only takes me back to the Forum Home page. Thanks for your time

Thanks Sully. Hopefully that helps. As I type this I can clearly see who is saying what. The problem is reading posts that are already there. I'll tell you why it is confusing for me and perhaps others. When reading a post with multiple quotes the blue bars appear to be "pointing" down to what someone said when in actuality what is being quoted is to the right of the blue bar.

Thats a good Dave..
I have another idea, how about an off topic forum. :wink:

I personally am glad the off-topic forum section has been removed, it was becoming far too divisive and too many personal attacks for peoples political and religious views and I believe that some people were coming to CFL forums for the primary purpose of just posting political stuff and that's not what a sports forum should be encouraging.

Good job sully on this one! It's time had come to an end. Now topics like movie reviews, well, not sure how something this benign, if you will, can be put on here if indeed it needs to be put on here. Even for this type of topic, does it need to be on a sports board when there are many other ways on social media to discuss movies, for example?

I’m glad the off-topic forum is gone too because we don’t want free speech to get in the way of ‘never offending anyone’. Can you imagine what would happen if somebody didn’t like me because I voted Conservative or went to Church ? Yea, it’s much better if we can only trade ideas that we all agree on… I’m all warm and fuzzy now. Time for a nap.
Another bonus, we NEVER have to repair enmities that build up between forum members due to our team support differences… Maybe I’ll go bake some muffins.

I hear what you're saying Dan but sully, in the end, does control the power of this site and I think he has been very democratic or tolerant if that's a better way of putting it, listening to peoples views I'm sure more from personal emails and messages that he has received and in the end, it is his decision. Not everything can or should be decided on by conducting a poll, if that is what you might be suggesting what sully should have done with this issue of keeping the off-topic section or not. :-\

I'm just surprised my previous post hasn't been deleted yet. We can't have opinions like that floating around, can we ?..You believe what you want Earl. I don't cotton to that type of thinking. It's sad that some do.

Are you implying a hidden agenda or two with this decision of pulling the off-topic section? Look, all of us here believe in free speech but there is no such thing as 100 percent freedom even in the most democratic society that exists anywhere. In the end, apart from say hidden agendas, people in positions of authority have to make decisions.

Sully, why can't I delete my post anymore??
We now have multiple posts in the MTL forum on the Adams trade.
Could we please have the ability to delete your own post back.

I've just enabled that permission. :slight_smile:

thanks sully