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Something constructive:
How about a “first unread post” button? The old fora had them…

May have been mentioned already, but editing my own posts has become very difficult. Was fine the way it was. Now, I edit, hit save, then see my post was not changed. Try again and again before it finally takes.

Update - I found the answer. I had to check a box in the settings under Modify Profile in order for this to be the case. Why having the newest post first was not the default like before this change, with instead the posts listed in order of oldest to newest, was baffling. ???

I agree, I loved that feature. I just made a modification so clicking on a topic title will automatically take you to the newest post in the topic, and I added the "Unread Posts" option in the header as well. Thoughts?

I guess I can understand you wanting it that way, but isn't that like reading the last page of the story first? Do topics make sense to you laid out like that?

Hello Sully and thank you for all the fine work and this response. Yes indeed! The old forum was always that way! It was easier to see where the conversation is now on any given topic, with some developments since historic posts already known, and then if and only if we need the background and history do we go down a few pages. And of course on a very old thread there is no need to go down several months unless one has a whole lot of time or is interested in ancient history on some of the topics. ???

The way it is now by default you have to do few clicks extra clicks every single time you go into a thread so as to view the most recent posts. It gets really old really fast! ::slight_smile:

In the threads in which we are already active or that are relatively new, which is most of the threads we go to or of interest, we want to see the most recent posts first. 8)

Have we lost the ability to see who is online in a forum? That was really handy at times as it allowed the initiation of conversations between people familiar with each other.

Click on the "New" button next to the topic. (Is that what you're looking for?)

For those reading this.... I got a reply from Sully saying that he liked the feature and will see if it's possible to restore on individual fora and threads.

I really like the idea of the "like" button. I have also seen "thanks" where it shows which user name thanked a certain post. Check out the Calgary Flames Fans Fire on Ice for how well the thanks button by username works. It really highlights the great posts.

For some reason I always like to see a post count within a thread. The OP is #1 and so on. If possible this would be a good feature to have.........

If I understand what you mean....its there
Second column Views and replies

I would like the see the date of the original post in the thread

Could we include a spoiler function so that content could be hidden until viewers decide to click on a button?

It is for Stamps and RedBlacks fans. :slight_smile:

I assume they went with red and black because those are the official colours of the CFL.

I made a spelling mistake on the title of a post, I could not correct it and I could not delete the thread and redo it correctly.


I made a post and put some of it in italics and then wanted to add to it, everything I typed was in italics and would not let me take it out of italics

I'm not seeing it. I was trying to say that each post within a thread should be #ed.
The OP is #1, the first reply is #2, the 3rd reply is #3 etc etc
I don't mean to say the total posts by a particular poster, if anything that could be eliminated.

Just finished executing a massive user cleanup; got rid of all users with a post count of 0 who've not logged in for at least 6 months (or ever). Took us down from 20,000+ members to ~10,000 members.

I have now corrected my spelling mistake, not sure if I just messed up or if Sully addressed it.
I haven't done the italics thing yet

I look at Grover's avi and think blue and gold looks pretty good on white. :slight_smile:

Thanks Sully for all the nice work. It looks great to me.

Holy cow, 10,000 names? That's a whole army.... In Canada that is.


1. Bring back the thumbs up or down icon
2. Make clearer who is saying what when quoting. The old format was much easier to follow. I sometimes don't know who said what.