Forums to-do list - please post your suggestions

We recently upgraded the forum software here from phpbb 3.0.x to SMF 2.0.14. The upgrade of forum software was done to fix horrendous bugs with the old software, not for aesthetic reasons - issues with the site sending e-mails were particularly problematic.

A change of forum software requires us to adopt a new forum look (the theme for the phpBB site won't work with SMF). But now it's time to make the site look nicer than it does out of the box. As a result, I'm looking for your input as to what needs visual tweaking around the place!

On my list currently:

  • DONE: Increase the font sizes overall
  • DONE: Added a "Unread Posts" button to the header
  • DONE: Added user post count, registration date, location underneath their names
  • DONE: Clean up topic view style at mobile breakpoint
  • DONE: Add the "Who's Online" box at the bottom of all pages
  • DONE: Links on the "Unread Posts" page automatically jump you down to the most recent unread post in a topic
  • DONE: Doubled the size of the message window used to post messages in
  • DONE: Add a nicer WYSIWYG editor for posts
  • DONE: Clean up the main forum list style at all breakpoints (ugliest page on the site in my opinion)
  • DONE: Fix the issue where quoted replies lose the line breaks in between lines
  • DONE: Set the default option after you make a post to be return to the thread (instead of to the topic list)
  • Look into a "Like" button modification
  • Change the logo in the top-left corner to go to, and the team site logos to the team sites
  • While viewing a member's profile, add a "Add to Ignore List" link to easily allow members to not see someone's posts
  • Display a welcome message and explanation of how to join on the home page to non-logged in visitors
  • DONE: Fix the width of team logos so they always fit at the mobile breakpoint
  • Replace the Ticats logo with a logo + wordmark to match the rest of the sites
  • DONE:In the login window, hide the "cookielength" dropdown (always set it to forever)

Change the color!!! Red and black on white just doesnt work

[i]More emojis!

Especially the smoking cowboy, and the dude rocking out![/i]

( this is for mobile only)

I think there needs to be more contrast between each post, and between each posts title line, main body, and signature. Yes it looks clean now, but it also looks like a big white wall with very similar writing all down it.

Instead of 9 identical grey folder icons, can we have the team icons?

I agree - in general, mobile needs a bunch of work. I've just removed the horizontal line between posts and have a light background on even-numbered posts so there's an alternation happening. Anything else come to mind to do?

No more uploading attachments?
Only links to hosts?

That was a missing permission - it's now been fixed. Attach to your heart's content!

I also vote for a color scheme change…

I could probably arrange him to get a one-day tryout contract with a team?

Write in to the commissioner and ask him to change the league colours, I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the TiCats should be at the top of the teams list because of their 476,000 posts on this site.

Sully, could the default sequence of the posts in a thread please go back to the newest listed first at the top and not in the chronological order starting with the oldest?

  1. Fix the links to the fora from the team sites.
  2. Go back to the team colour schemes.
  3. Next time you do an "upgrade", think of the users. Post a Sticky on ALL team threads with the appropriate information ie: links to these fora, ASKING FOR USER INPUT BEFORE FORCING THE CHANGES, etc. This was a problem when you did the previous "upgrade" too - never mind the fact that there was a huge screw up with user accounts and verification.

Any chance we could get "Like" and "Dislike" (or "Agree" and "Disagree") buttons?

Also, the link to the Hamilton forum on the Ticats main page is broken.

The links should've been fixed by now but I'll do round and ask for an update again.

I wasn't looking for user input on this upgrade, nor with the last. There were necessities due to circumstances - an impending server shutdown, and wildly customized/broken software that our webhost couldn't continue to serve - and as such little in the way of discussion was useful.

Feedback once a required change has been made is something I obviously welcome, but this isn't a situation where I'm looking to find out if the masses want a change to occur (hint: they never do).

I am on the hunt for a SMF mod that adds a "Like" button now!

Yes on this front. Also need to add the "thumbs up" emoticon

Hi! I'm a newbie and I've been an Alouettes fan since the mid-fifties. I was young back then but I remember seing the Chuck Hunsinger fumble on the TV in 1954... Nice to be here.


Welcome! Fixing forum registrations (the e-mail part of it) was a big reason for the change. Happy to see it already paying off!

aesthetically it’s been going down the tubes it’s at a all time low for appearance !