Forums slow on Labour Day

Is your host having issues, or is there a DOS or bot attack happening, because the forums are taking forever to load and update.

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It’s happening to me too. Wasn’t sure if it was my phone or the site. Thanks for posting. Hopefully @GridironGirl is around and can have a look at things.

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For the site to have issues on Labour Day two hours before the Hamilton/Toronto game…

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Me too!

The forum servers have been acting up all week in fact. I’ve noticed the delays after clicks all week, and today they are greater.

It’s like they have been running out of gas or wearing out for good.

We sure don’t want any more heavy crisply burned nothing burgers here than already!


working fine for me on all devices :thinking:

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Mine seems better now!
Great work GiG! :+1:

It’s not working fine though. This second it is but I have had to exit and get back in about 10 times in the last hour. I was catching up on last night’s game thread and the 50 or so posts I missed and it kept getting hung up with the posts below blurring so I had to exit every time. It’s been coming and going. Something is definitely amiss.

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I didn’t do anything. I’m reviewing logs atm…

an hour ago coulnd’t get on.

seems fine now.

but leaving for the stadium. it’s hot as hell in the Hammer!

It seems to be an on and off thing but it keeps getting hung up. As I said and as Grover said, at the moment it is fine but…

The main page seems fine, but the forums seemed to have taken a hit for an hour or so. The threads would not load, and the Ticats forum kept reverting to a previous version showing the same “unread” posts repeatedly.

Seems to be working “fine” right now, but there was definitely an issue.

Perhaps your forum server doing maintnance on a holiday when there would be “less traffic”?


I think I found the culprit and things should be ok now. Looks like it was a timed SQL query related to a badge we don’t even use. Not sure why it was enabled but configured before my time.

Please post here if you guys notice anything like a slow load or hang on any pages today. I’ll be lurking around anyways.


Thanks for the work on a holiday!


All I’m getting on my feed is an argument about the severity of a hit last night.


You saved us again! Thank you very much GG!

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